Thursday 28 August 2014

Back to Reality

Even though the kids don't return to school until after the long weekend, as a school-based Occupational Therapist, I started back to work today.  Just like any good school girl, I kept myself busy avoiding the reality of summer's impending end by pondering what to wear for my first day.  Ya know, it's the important things you consider when you're a professional...  I have a *few* options to choose from, and ended up using a beautiful silk skirt as my starting point...
Oh what?  I didn't notice the tag says size 6!
(pretty sure they sewed it on upside-down)
Etcetera is a pricey brand as it turns out.  This skirt was likely $185 regular retail!
Cobalt tank $4.20, Kische (a Nordstrom brand) black tee$5.60, 
Etcetera skirt $10, shoes $5.50, bracelet $2.10, black leather skinny belt $3.50 - all VV Boutique

What should we talk about first?!!  How about how the back of my top was sheer so I felt like rebel all day!  
Um, any parents of children I'm working with who might potentially be reading, 
by "rebel" I mean "rebel with a cause to be the best OT."  Fo sho.

How about how I added a belt just so I could knot it?!
Knotted belts are happenin this Fall.

Or, we could talk about my Matchy Matchy Syndrome...
Oh what?  I didn't notice my bracelet and shoes match perfectly!

Or we could talk about how I love love love these incredible vintage shoes...
These leather shoes of perfection had never been worn until today...
 Original price tags on the sole but not a single scratch or scuff... 
I almost hated to wear them out, but loved wearing them out even more!

We could also talk about how I ran back for a black blazer to throw on as a finishing layer and instead came down with my floral bomber jacket...
This outfit just went from good to great!

From this photo on, my day went from great to good... my van wouldn't start so I needed a boost and was late (shocker), then I wrapped up my day with a trip to the dentist.  Actually, the time in-between was pretty great!  Saw all my work peeps, met some new work peeps, had people besides my kids to not get laugh at all my jokes... Now I just have to decide what to wear TOMORROW!


  1. LOVE the skirt!!

  2. Those look like Bandelino shoes. Are they? I love the skirt too. JD


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