Sunday 24 August 2014

Fall Style List

I'm about to say what we in Edmonton all know already: fall is in the air.  Sure, there will be more warm days and time to enjoy the sun, but there's a chilly undercurrent!  Or maybe it's my impending return to work next week...  Either way, it's not all bad because September is also the time for the best magazines and new clothes and new shoes and new lunch kits and new routines.  It's invigorating!  On my San Fran getaway, I didn't even pretend to read a book; I just snagged the magazines off the presses and scoured them for Fall inspiration.
I consider this to be my back-to-school homework!

I'm not an uber fashionista, if you haven't caught onto that already.  I'm an everyday working mom of 3 with a limited budget and limited time.  I am looking to Fall mags for inspiration not replication.  Considering that there is a 50% off sale Monday at VV Boutique and the new St. Albert location opens next week, I thought I would share what is on my Fall style hunting list


As I scan the different thrift store sections, I keep my eyes peeled for pieces with these prints in my size...
Plaid - particularly plaid shirts in more traditional colours...
Leopard print cardi would be awesome, but I'm not opposed to other wild things.
Dark florals on tops, bottoms, scarves - I have a few already so that means I'm ahead of the trends. HA!
J's Everyday Fashion has styled this hounds-tooth skirt so many ways, I can't help but want one for MY closet!
Nature-inspired prints including chic butterflies.
Acid wash jeans
Acid wash.  I don't know what's happening to me or if a 40yo can pull this off, but I likey.
Gingham - a purple gingham shirt was one of my early VV purchases, but I donated it back long ago and am looking for another in classic blue.


I love all colour and have a decent representation in my wardrobe, but I will be scanning the racks for pieces in these colours to update my collection!
Love all the brights!  Plus shopping now will help me prepare for Black Out Style!
That's what I tell myself, don't say anything.
aubergine, t-straps
I have a noticeable lack of purple in my closet, so I will be looking for aubergine, especially combined with colour-neighbours like fuchsia!
Green is my favourite colour and I'm happy to see it's still going strong after emerald was the Pantone colour of the year for 2013.
Pastels have been "in" since last Fall, right through spring and summer.  
I'm happy to keep wearing soft pastels - they seem to soften cold winter.


I am keeping my eye out for a few specific pieces, because, you know, I'm fresh out of clothes.
Chunky cozy knits - I don't know about wrapping a giant scarf around my neck or wearing big bulky sweaters (I get hot moving around during the day!), but this is Canada so it's nice of the fashion community to determine that sweaters are stylish.
Wrap blouses will add an interesting line to your outfit, either under a jacket or cardi or all on their own.
One of these days, I WILL find a classic trench at VV Boutique, I just know it.
Red Sweater, I'm coming for YOU!
The classic round-toe black pump, always in style 
Classic black round toe pumps have been on my radar forever.  I can wait, I can be patient.
(since I have a *few* other pairs of shoes to tide me over)
While we're talking shoes, I might as well add t-straps to my hunting list.  These are stunning!
A chunky gold necklace and skinny green leather belt are on my list.
Thrifted prices makes having an assortment of bags reasonable!
I am keeping my eye out for statement bags, trapezoid, boxy, taupe, colourful clutches and tiny top-handle bags.

So, that's *it* for my fall style list!   I pulled all of these images from my VV Boutique Style Hunting List on Pinterest after flipping through the fall mags, checking out the style blogs and perusing Pinterest in general.  The best mags IMHO were Redbook and People Style Watch.  
This makes me want to go thrifting!  And it makes me excited for back-to-school, back-to-work!  If you were to pick a number one Fall trend to try, what would it be?!!

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