Wednesday 13 August 2014

El Cortez YEG

Sometimes when you accidentally drink 4-oz gin basil smashes, you set the table in an "abstract" manner.  Other times (like on the second drink) you luck out and get an invitation to a media restaurant sneak peek, and so it was that I found myself at Edmonton's amazing new restaurant El Cortez with my favourite food blogger, Karlynn Johnston of Kitchen Magpie.
When someone else drives, not only do I arrive on time, I also get to enjoy tequila bevvies.

Karlynn had an early tour of El Cortez, but even those pictures don't do justice to the experience in real life!  I felt like I was in the middle of Romeo and Juliette, the young Leonardo DiCaprio version, so basically I kept waiting for him to walk in and declare his love for me.  That didn't happen, but other good things did like...


These are but a sample of all the wonderful cocktails and dishes at El Cortez, but I will let Karlynn and the Bacon Hound and pro photographer Dave Tameling share all about that while I focus on what I know best: bathroom selfies
Gigantic full length mirror as you walk in - a good sign!
Oh look, another cool big mirror.
Those didn't even include the "real" mirror over the sinks...
Or all these little ones!

This is THE COOLEST restaurant bathroom I have ever been in!  I mostly jest about my selfie vanity, but I truly appreciated how the decor and vibe at El Cortez is carried through every detail, from the drinks and food, to the bar and scenic vignette seating, right into the bathrooms.
This wall may be a different experience after a few more tequila.
There's even a seating area in the bathroom, so I took the opportunity to try to copy this girl...
But I couldn't keep a straight face while trying to photograph myself before someone came in!

I know, I know, you're dying to know what I'm wearing.  Before that, just let me say that the food, drinks, ambiance - the everything - at El Cortez are not to be missed.  There is nothing else in Edmonton like El Cortez.  They use Tequila Tromba and head chef Alex shared a story about a Toronto tequila associate going THRIFT SHOPPING for restaurant decor!  AWESOME!   The grand opening of El Cortez is August 15th so put it on your calendar and get yourself to some tequila and tacos and churros with salted caramel tequila sauce!!  Now, what I wore:
Somehow it feels weird to ask food bloggers to take a picture of your outfit.
I'll work towards that next time.
Patent leather slingbacks are B.T. (Before Thrifting)

Thank you Kitchen Magpie for taking me as your date (and driving!!!)Thank you El Cortez for the delicious evening!  
I can't wait to go back with my hubby and friends!

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