Friday 5 April 2013

Turquoise Comes Home

You know what "home" feels like?  Well sometimes you try something on and you just know it is at home with you.  (On you.)  Several of my VV Boutique pieces were orphans until I adopted I them...  That is the case with this turquoise necklace made by my talented sister Shannon of She Does Create.

I had to hold back from taking it home with me back in January.

I love this piece.  To me, it is a more contemporary, unique and versatile version of the bubble necklace.  Nothing against the bubble necklace, I've just been spoiled since starting this adventure with finding pieces that aren't in the usual stores worn by the usual masses.  Then, at my last Splurge Sorority gathering, one of the splurge sisters brought her turquoise necklace and it looked perfect with every single thing that every single person put on.  So I put out my siren and called my turquoise home.
Worn here with my white heart retro sweater and orange blazer and...
Can you hear my necklace sighing with relief, having finally found its way home?  Yeah, me too.

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