Monday 22 April 2013

Camel Houndstooth Coat of Awesomeness

I have never been disappointed by my favourite VV Boutique, but some trips are more successful, like the Oscars of thrifting.  A couple weeks ago, I stopped in to make a donation and get some stamps on my stamp card, and then walked the red carpet* right to a couple amazing finds.

First up, this perfect condition, perfect fit, perfect lightweight wool Jax camel houndstooth coat for $10!!!!
I love this coat.  
It puts the finishing touch on anything I wear in this pseudo spring weather.
 "Come to work with Mommy" day for my new baby!

I have no idea why I can't find on-line information about Jax but even if you knew nothing about the label, you can just tell that this is a quality garment.  The tailoring, drape and feel of the fabric is just... dear.  (you have to use words like that when you wear double-breasted camel houndstooth)  Houndstooth is a timely pattern that has been on my hunting list for a while and the camel colour will transition between seasons better than basic black.  And it looks great on a blonde, what can I say.  (Or should I say "blonde?"  Don't answer that.)

Next up, my sis scored this silk Nicole Miller scarf in great condition in perfect colours for $8. 
I tried to explain that a "Nicole" scarf belonged with a Nicole, but she didn't fall for it.
Should've amped up my legal act...
"I object on the grounds that this scarf would look great with my camel coat!"

These two amazing finds may or may not be all we bought that day at regular price since my stamp card wasn't full I will stop obsessing over that any day I promise, but they embody what I love about thrifting - finding unique pieces at great prices!   

*Okay fine if you're still reading, I will admit that I was not the hunter of either of these finds!  I passed them both by but luckily I brought the Thrifting Master and she had my back!  Thanks Sistah!


  1. I am happy to see that you have enjoyed the Coat as much as I knew you would. This lesson teaches us that sometimes it's just better to shop in pairs when at VVBoutique.

    1. Yes!! Always hunt in pairs! Preferably different sizes so that you don't have to take each out in competition for certain items, like Nicole Miller scarves. ;)


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