Saturday 27 April 2013

Post Baby Transition Styles

I am blessed with awesome friends, like my favourite Megan, whom I reference here all the time because of her sage style advice, mommy advice, generous friendship and all-round awesomeness.  (She has even passed along some pretty pieces like this, this, this and this...!)  Megan has a gorgeous 11-month old daughter and I figured it was time to do an updated VV Boutique feature!  She has been working hard, but reasonably, on shedding her pregnancy weight and then some.  Mommas, we all know there is a huge range of what happens after babies.  Some are blessed to bounce back quickly, even if things are a little, er, displaced.  Some take a little longer, or a lot longer.  For me, I didn't start shedding the final 25lbs until my last babe was 18months old, and even now, the number might be what it was, but the body ain't.  I wanted to write a book on post-partum weight loss, then realized it was less of a book and more of a statement:

The Kindergarten Diet for Post-Partum Moms

You aren't going to have enough time or energy to tackle diet or exercise in a significant way until your youngest child is in kindergarten, so give yourself a break, love the amazing YOU you are, put a little time and effort into the YOU you've got right now, and get to it later.

The End

That's my soap box and now I'll get off.  Wait, one last thing before I reveal the latest Megan in her awesome VV Boutique styles...  This is a style blog, but I hope it doesn't come across as superficial because, ladies, it doesn't really matter what you look like; it matters what you act like and feel like.  I'm sharing my journey here and hope that in doing so, I can inspire others to feel their best, in line with their character and style, however that manifests for each woman. 

Enough of all that serious stuff.  If you recall, Megan showed us all how to use second-hand pieces to add novelty and variety in her wardrobe as she transitioned through post-partum sizes, without spending a dime!  She has since done some shopping, both regular retail and thrifting.  I consider her an expert in wearing things right now, for "momming" rather than saving them for when she returns to work (with me, not that I'm counting the days or anything...) or other "dress-up" occasions. 

Remember the purple blouse...  Well Megan is still wearing it but it fits differently now!  
Styled with an emerald cardi, 
scarf from China (gift from her Mom), 
necklace from She Does Create 
and vintage pastel scarf that was originally part of a dance costume!

This purple top teaches good lessons - it can be worn in a variety of ways and it fits a variety of sizes.  Look for something like this when you are thrifting and you are guaranteed to get great cost per wear!

A little scarf segue way using Megan's China scarf as demonstration.  
It adds flair just tossed on, but taking an extra moment to tie the corners together then wrapping it as an infinity scarf is more modern and a great way to wear light-weight scarves in spring and summer.  (VV Boutique has a TON of such scarves out right now.  Get 'em soon while the getting's good!)

Megan paid $4 for this VV Boutique top that she has worn countless times. 
 We see your coloured denim, Megan!   
Congratulations on embracing bold colours as neutrals!

The print is surprisingly forgiving and the length is perfect for skinny jeans or leggings.  Megan doesn't have much floral in her closet and raised a good point that VV Boutique is a great way to experiment and take risks with your style without spending much - if you don't end up liking something, you can just donate it back.

While shopping at VV with some splurge sisters, Megan scored this pretty Eddie Bauer dress for $10.
The sweaters are from our Splurge Sorority clothing swaps and give styling options to a basic dress.

These three pieces were all passed onto Megan from another sister with a different size and shape, proving that you must try on!  You just never know by only looking at a garment how your body might fill out a piece in all the right ways!

Case in point, Megan's skirt from Aeropostale.  This is not a store she normally shops in but the skirt looks amazing!  Let go of any preconceptions about stores, pieces or styles, says Megan!  She bought some coordinating pieces as well, but I encouraged her to try with some VV Boutique tops and of course, I was right.
The VV Boutique pieces above were under $6.

I love the look of pairing a pretty skirt with a casual sweat-shirty loose top and I am hunting for such a top at VV Boutique.  Megan's striped top is actually a long tunic tucked in.  I've been wanting to try this myself because it is AWESOME.  Stripes are the match for florals, and the denim jacket from VV finishes the ensemble.  Denim, you complete me.  (I couldn't resist.)

Megan also scored this "army" cropped jacket for about $6 from VV and has been waiting patiently for the weather to wear it.  She almost passed it along to me, but I suppressed my selfish desires and encouraged her to keep it because it is the perfect edgy complement for spring ensembles.
Blue dress from Megan's closet and necklaces by She Does Create.

Megan has been wearing this French Connection top from VV throughout her post-partum size journey.
The fit and length are so flattering and those jewel tones were made for you!

I had passed on another VV Boutique French Connection top that just didn't work for me, but looks awesome on Megan, especially with the mustard tank peeking through (also from VV, also passed along by moi!).
It is a good thing to pass clothes back and forth amongst friends.  And so I gave my beloved vintage Irish wool sweater to a new home where it just fits in better.  ;)

Megan, I think I can speak for everyone and say YOU LOOK AMAZING!  You are beautiful inside and out and that is your signature style!

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