Thursday 25 April 2013

Mama Blogs

I love new experiences.  I love knowing that each new experience will knit me with new people and places I encounter and make us each different.  Better.  New.  Renewed.

So naturally I signed up for the local Mama Blogs evening and had a great time last night, listening and learning from local successful bloggers.  The first order of business was: what should I wear to represent the awesomeness of VV Boutique...
Aquamint crochet top, gift from VV Boutique
These shoes have been waiting a long time to go out with Mommy.

If I were giving an award speech here, I would have to thank my sis for tolerating my numerous outfit-option texts, and my favourite Megan for tolerating my ungraceful skin flashes as I tried on 500 things.  This award is dedicated to YOU!  Wait.  There is no award.  Sorry.
Thanks for coming and for designing my necklace and arm party, She Does Create.
I'm still in shock that I didn't win the door prize but your name got drawn twice!

I have never been to such an event before.  I network for my day only job but that is a little different.  We talk shop and there are never any lap apps...
I actually wish there would have been two mingling sessions; a mingling sandwich, if you will, before and after the panel discussion with Frugal Edmonton Mama, The DIY Mommy and This Bird's DayMy wish has nothing to do with my desire to have a second glass of wine...  I really enjoyed making the IRL connections and would have liked more time for that.  It is pretty cool to be tweeting to these engaging women and actually have a personal connection.  The panel discussed setting goals; well, that is a goal of mine - to connect with people in a meaningful way.  That may be by making sincere comments on other blogs, having an amusing Twitter exchange, supporting local business and so much more.  For me, connection is key.
If you find this bad photo of my seven-mile-away-feet funny, we could probably be friends.
If you think posing behind palm fronds in a Canadian restaurant is a fab idea, we could probably be friends.

I do have goals - like shopping second hand for a year.  That's a good example.  ;)  As for this blogging hobby, I will have to further ponder my goals and all the other great advice and information from Mama Blogs.

It was a thought-provoking evening, all palm trees aside.  I did note something, er, notable.  There were no other style bloggers there.  I guess since that's my genre I assume everyone and their dog has a style blog; not so.  There are many many excellent style bloggers out there as evidenced by my humongous  Bloglovin feed, and there are many great mommy style bloggers out there, many great thrifting style bloggers out there and some great local style bloggers, but as for local mommy thrifting style bloggers - looks like I've got the corner on that niche(But by all means, if you fit this niche and I'm missing you, let's connect!)  In the meantime, I'm going to rest on some of the recent VV Boutique Style successes, like my son asking me to pick him up some new things "at VV Boutique," or my friend telling me this morning that of all the style blogs she reads, mine is one of the most informative.  Meaningful connections, joy, renewal.  Amazing what a little VV Boutique will bring!    


  1. Hi Nicole! So bummed that we didn't get to connect at Mama Blogs! I LOVE me some thriftin'!.. Awesome blog post! My friend Allison is a thrifter as well, but she mostly collects home goods :) Check out her finds

    1. me too! We will have to meet up at VV for shopping! Thanks for alerting me to Allison! About to check it out!

    2. Love Allison's look...I love thrifting...who wouldn't!

  2. It was an awesome evening and I hope this happens again...even in just a more relaxed let's chit chat/drink wine and have lap appies...

    I would like to accept my award. I get a bigger one since I have been offering fashion advice your entire life.

    1. hee hee I will see what I can do. How about I stop stealing from you, would that be an award? Yeah Allison's site is great, need more time to read all this good stuff, build my pin board and instagram! I seriously wish I didn't need to sleep!


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