Sunday 7 April 2013

Rest and Review

I had big intentions today of capturing a photo of me, curled cozily in the afternoon sun with my favorite blanket reading a book in a comfortable yet chic Sunday afternoon ensemble.

When I found a wad of juicy fruit in my fave fluffy blanket, I knew things were going to turn out differently.

So, no photos of my ensemble today which is okay because it was at best a meager attempt to wear springy colours when there remains snow past my knees, and at worst an awkward outfit with a floral tank and cords and a heavy sweater and a light scarf and too much matchy matchy.  

Then I thought how nice it would be to post something about "rest" clothes - stylish comfortable rest clothes... Buuuuttt, though I've been on the hunt for a chic statement tee or sweatshirt from VV Boutique, I haven't succeeded yet.  And some people steal statement tee opportunities right out from under your nose, you know who you are...  I pretty much wear what I put on in the morning all day till I put on this:
Anyhoo, clothes aren't the point of this post.  This post is to start a little book review series for "Book Sneeze."  It's pretty straightforward: I receive a book for free in exchange for writing and posting a review. If you're not into books, stop reading here.

Listening to the Voice of God by Shirley Smith

I was drawn to this book based on the title because I am interested in learning how to better hear God in my daily life.  I was pleased to access it immediately in eBook format and also pleased that it was a short and easy read.  I like a bulleted list, so that’s how I’m doing this review. 
  • Smith used the Holy Bible, King James Version for her scripture references.  I like me some old-school now and then, but I find other versions easier to understand. 
  • Smith includes some discussion on vague ways that God speaks to people, or writes “I heard God say…” but doesn’t say more specifically HOW she heard God – what made her know it was God?  That’s the question I was hoping would be explored.
  • I found her writing to be earnest, and her examples of hearing God were … average (not so KAPOW that if you don’t have that experience you think God never talks to you).  There is a flip side to this, however.  If you’re an avid blog reader and reader generally, you have plenty of excellent writers publishing KAPOW information of their experience of hearing God, so in that sense, this book was somewhat meh.
  • This book may be a little too general for someone further along in their spiritual walk and a little too “Christianese” for someone early in their walk. 
  • I liked that Smith emphasized the importance of you playing an active role in listening to God – we have to have a “seeking heart;” I found this reassuring.  Since I do have a seeking heart, I can rest assured that I will hear Him.
  • The book is not so much a guide for others on how to hear God as it is a journal of Smith’s experience of hearing God.  She doesn’t draw the parallels for the reader, which is a good thing I guess.
  • Though I would not count this amongst the books that were hugely influential in my spiritual growth, I think that God will, er, speak to me through everything in my life so I did take away some good information, reiterations and affirmations.
Bottom line: God speaks to each one of us in a personal, meaningful way.  I enjoyed reading about Smith’s experience and am inspired to take better note of the ways that I hear God, and maybe even record them so I can one day reflect on my own “version” of this book.

I am a member of 
In exchange for writing a review, I received this book for free.   

Doesn't that sound fancy?  I borrowed it from a friend.  I never intended on posting anything but fashion, but hey, free books are the next best thing to books from VV Boutique!


  1. That's crazy you read that book ... I've been reading "Walking with God" by John Eldredge and have really been impacted by his stories of how he listens to God's voice and his advice to us. Cool how we've both been learning about this :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by Megan! That Eldredge book sounds great - I will put it in the queue! I don't think I'll ever stop learning about this!!

    (ps. can't wait to see your photos Friday!)


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