Thursday 19 December 2013

Vacation Capsule Wardrobe

This year my family and I are amazingly blessed to be able to go away over the holidays.  We are heading to sunny California to enjoy Christmas in Disneyland and take in all the other awesome family adventures!  I can't hardly think I'm so excited!!!!!! Thankfully, I started considering my vacation wardrobe before excitement took hold of my brain!  Things really started taking shape when I got my floral scarf of perfection from Anthropologie...
I can't help it when scarves follow me home.

I decided then and there in the Anthro sale section that I would focus my vacation packing on mustard, teal, raspberry, and orange(If we can call that "focused.")  Then, on a miraculously-free afternoon, I hit VV to see what I could find and ended up with a perfect collection of vacation pieces!

My goal is to keep my packing to under 20 pieces, er, not counting things like accessories, outerwear (2 coats, 2 shoes 1 bag and 1 hat!), layering tanks or leggings (which are basically underwear as far as I'm concerned, because they sure as heck aren't pants).  Here's what's going in... 
3 dresses
Gap green/blue shift $9.10, Joe Fresh orange/purple $7, George creamsicle $5.60 all VV Boutique
3 pants and 1 skirt
Ann Taylor cargos $6 VV, J Brand denim from my closet, oxblood skinnies $3 VV, Icebreaker skirt from my closet

3 light sweaters
 Esprit orange stripe $6.30 and teal slouchy $4.20, both VV; Stylemint raspberry stripe

2 short sleeve tops

Land's End polka dot $3.50 VV, Icebreaker gray v-neck from my closet

2 long sleeve tops
Stylemint chambray and Mexx blue from my closet

5 cardis
Floral $7, mustard $2, teal $4.90, raspberry $4.90, oatmeal $4.90

My amazing and talented jewelry-designing sister made me a custom jewelry trifecta (necklaces, bracelets and earrings) to complement the 3 scarves and 3 belts I'm taking, and coordinate with my entire vacation wardrobe!
Jewelry by She Does Create
 Stripe infinity scarf $4.20, teal pashmina $7 from VV Boutique; floral scarf from Anthro
Flatter Me belts in sage and black, brown belt from my closet

Inspiration from Outfit Posts makes me confident that I could easily mix these pieces into 40+ outfits!  I suppose this is not exactly a "capsule" wardrobe unless I was going for more like a month or two!  However, it seems like lighter packing than usual, and I still have plenty of room in my suitcase.  I have never been anywhere warm at Christmas so I have no real concept of what 20 degrees will feel like to a Canadian in December!  Worst case scenario, I am sure I can find a thrift shop somewhere in California!  What do you think?  Anything glaringly missing?  Anything you'd leave out (and don't say a cardi because I absolutely *need* them all)?  I am hoping to mix and match, resulting in a style aesthetic that says something like "Anthro-Disney-Chic."  I plan to mostly unplug while I'm gone, but will snap some shots and share when I return.  Meanwhile, stay tuned to VV Boutique Style on Instagram - you never know when I might share a sneak peak!

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