Monday 16 December 2013

New Suede Boots

Blue Christmas
Blue Suede Shoes
New Suede Shoes
New Suede Boots

That was my thought process as I put these beauties on last week; from Christmas classics to thrifted awesomeness in 4 steps!  And now I can't get Elvis out of my head.
 $10 Hope Missions Bargain Shoppe

Though these she-booties have a small heel, the tread is made for outdoors!  AND they were unworn, in perfect shape and totally awesome.  The cool retro details on the boots called for a dress to show them off properly...
Tights and accessories from my closet

What I love about thrifting is that you find totally unique pieces like the boots
and cardi
then you find designer or high-end label pieces like the dress 
and you can put it all together and look stylish but unique, not like the store windows or catalogs, but all the better in my opinion!  I went to the mall to pick up some gifts and felt like I was going to perish.  It was just too much!  I know people say Value Village and thrift stores are overwhelming, but for me, the sights and sounds and people and prices of the mall make it barely tolerable, even just once a year.  I will take VV Boutique any day!  This year is a minimal-gift Christmas (you'll see why soon) but next year I think I will take up the challenge (love me a personal challenge!) to thrift my Christmas shopping list!!  How about you?  Would you consider giving thrifted gifts?  Would you like to receive a thrifted gift?  Discuss.

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  1. yes & yes!

    i have given things that i've found at thrift shops, (i always let the recipient know), but i have a bunch of like minded fam & friends --- would only share my little 'jewels' with those of the same sensibilities as i!
    and i have received thrifted items as gifts.....

    one christmas that was the rule at my family gathering....we could only exchange 'thrift' items--super fun

    how ever you give or get
    hope your holiday is magic
    su :)


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