Wednesday 4 December 2013

Golden Fleece of Dressember

I'm 3 for 3 in wearing dresses or skirts since I started my Dressember project!  There has been blizzards and extreme cold (sitting at a balmy -32 degrees Celsius right now which is around the same in Fahrenheit FYI), but I have persisted!  Because even though I can now fit in my pants, I don't like them.  Sorry Pants, it's nothing personal.  Today I reached for a sweater that's been waiting a while for its day.
 JM sweater $2.50 Hope Missions Bargain Shoppe
Accessories by She Does Create

When I got this sweater, a friend said: "I'll be interested to see how you'll style it."  I took that to mean: "that's a little on the fugly side but I have faith that you can make it work." 
 Kenneth Cole boots $18.90 VV Boutique

I like the cowl and the 3/4 sleeves to show off my arm par-tay.  The belt gives definition to my waist but I think it will be super comfy with jeans and no belt another day month. 
I'm thinking this sweater got donated because:
  1. People think they can't wear yellow (I have yet to see this true)
  2. People have a hard time wearing cowl necks (it's like a built-in scarf, I don't get it)
  3. It was destined to bring sunshine to my closet!
My boys took one look at this sweater and declared it my "golden fleece."  If you are not a Percy Jackson fan er or a Greek mythology buff, you may not know that the golden fleece has the magical power to heal and restore, thus it is of immense value.  I may just try it out next time one of my kids is sick - lay the golden fleece over them and see if they get better!  Worth a try!     
At the very least it is a super soft and cozy sweater that has the magical power to turn an ordinary dress into a DRESSEMBER dress!

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