Friday 6 December 2013

-30 Degrees Dressember

Remember how I said Dressember would prove us all Tough Canadian Cookies?!  Well...
I thought the weather would get on board this project...

I remain nonplussed!  Yesterday I wore a heavier knit dress and "new" cardi with winter tights...
Liz Claiborne dress new with tags $11and cardi $9
Kikit leather booties $7
All VV Boutique

I felt a little naked without any colour but Shirley Borrelli says stick to just black and white this "fall" and I listen to Shirley.
Oh la la, you can wear the cardi open for an amazing fashion variation.
Accessories from my closet.

I enjoyed the zipper cardi and hadn't noticed the flattering bold black stripe at the waist until my photo shoot.  AND I was perfectly cozy all day, including during a lovely dinner with lovely colleagues to celebrate the season!
This black dress has proved indispensable to my wardrobe.

Today, I thought I would give a maxi skirt another winter try since I could get away with wool leggings with it...
 Maxi skirt $6 VV Boutique
Blue wool cardi hand-me-down
Icebreaker wool gray tee  and accessories from my closet

I remain iffy about long skirts in winter.  I suppose they look better while I'm gallivanting around my glamorous lifestyle, and they do make sitting on tiny kindergarten chairs easier to avoid flashing small children do. 
 The bias cut of this skirt is also flattering especially following a festive dinner of Greek food.
 I love the combo of gray and navy!

I was out and about all day working and running errands and again, totally cozy!  Take that December!  Dressember isn't scared of you!
 The official photographer of Dressember.

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  1. As I am listening to the forecast tonight and thinking about my closet, I need to invest in some wool tights!


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