Saturday 23 March 2013

"Spring" Layering

Style bloggers everywhere are anxious for spring, going barefoot and wearing pastels.  I would too if not for:
My actual back yard on the actual first day of "spring."

So, I continue to hold onto my lightweight VV Boutique pieces patiently waiting to share them here.  Until then, I continue to be inspired by other bloggers, like Amber of Real Girl Glam.  I thought I had a good handle on layering, but her recent post gave great tips!  I followed her advice yesterday and came up with:
 I expect you all to be impressed with this collage.  
Because all this techno stuff is challenging to my near-40-year-old brain.

I have been wanting to wear this cardi/vest combo since playing dress up and it just so happens that all those layers were nice and cozy.  It was a gray day but somehow my neutrals made me feel "chic gray" or at least "interesting blah" (my oxymoron skills amaze).  I had neutrals on the brain after reading about Sarah's Real Life neutrals.  I love colour but sometimes a good neutral palette suits the day.
With a smoothing tank and scarf, I actually wore 5 layers.

This ensemble features a scarf, charcoal cardi and cargos from VV Boutique and Gap striped tee, vest and accessories from my closet.

Thanks Amber for upping my layering game, thanks Franish for upping my photo game and thanks Sarah for upping my neutral game!


  1. This is also a good strategy for those who plan to play strip poker :)

    1. So you'll be using this strategy then??!! ;)

  2. Love that you used the tips!! Your layering looks great. Loved seeing the little peek of stripes out of the sleeves too!


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