Monday 4 March 2013

Golden Tee

Even though the February Take One and Pass It On challenge is finished, guess what?  I passed on something anyway!
Pass the fab Just One necklace! 
Remixed with my faithful trousers, black pointy flats and 
*new* from VV Boutique, gold tee $5.25 and olive linen blazer $3.50

I note that the pointy flats actually DO elongate my leg-line.  Huh.  Thought that was a bit of baloney but it's true.  
"Something gold" has been on my hunting list for some time, so when I stumbled on this top during my valenbirthday shopping trip, I snatched it up.  It had a pull but no broken threads so I just pulled it back to the other side, tied a knot and patted my DIY-self on the back.
Here's my dressing room shot... 
  See how I was so tricky with this "maybe" shot?
I put the piece I actually bought in the back to throw you off. 

This golden tee is a bit boxy, but it reminded me of something you'd see on Ruche, and I thought the collar and fit of the blazer were a perfect complement. 
I have an even more Ruche-y ensemble in mind for this golden tee, once the snow melts (at least a bit).
 This is your cue to feel sorry for me.

This photo reminds me to remind you that Wednesday is the 50% off winter clearance sale at VV Boutique for Super Savers Club Card members.  I can't go, but you should go.  Don't have any fun without me;)

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