Tuesday 26 March 2013

Orange is the New Mint (5D5W)

I ignored my children took time this morning to look through the links for the "5 Days 5 Ways" Monday tops edition and was so impressed and inspired!  Lotsa ladies are finding lotsa ways to get value from their wardrobes, and there's nothing mundane about it!  AND many are using thrifted pieces in the mix!  Thrift on, sisters!

The Tuesday #5D5W item is pants.  Now, some of those fab bloggers must've been lotsa more organized than I am because they had their pants posts up before I even had the chance to read their top posts!  Well done.  As for me, well, it's after 10pm.  The advantage of late linking is that I can peek and see that no one has featured the pants I have in mind...
 Orange H&M chinos $3 VV Boutique
Worn here to illustrate Styles Per Cost.
Worn here after swimming for a big par-tay
with fuchsia gingham and belt, and floral scarf, all VV Boutique.
Style 5 is me being a big copycat, and 6 is me sticking to grade-school complimentary colours.

So there are six styles that I have blogged about, six without even trying!  Er, I actually intended on trying.  I had grand plans to try a few new ways to wear them and be all prepared in advance with smashing photos.  Then I spilled on them and the day went sideways.  The end.

(Not really the end.)  I love colour and am not afraid to wear it on the top, bottom, wherever.  I even want pink hair but think that might be pushing it.  I have yellow pants, cobalt pants, green pants and purple pants.  I want raspberry, red, oxblood, teal, mint and mustard.  In fact, I can't wait to click through the #5D5W links for more inspiration!  The evidence is quite convincing that any colour of pant can work and that styling them is fairly straightforward: act like they're denim.  That being said, I don't see many orange pants around, so either I'm out to lunch or just lucky to have stumbled on these beauties at VV Boutique!  I'm going with lucky!  While everyone is sporting their chic mint pants, I will (finally) be rolling my orange faves and enjoying being unique!


  1. What awesome pants! I really like the way you styled them in looks 2 and 5. You are definitely unique with your orange- and that is so cool :)

  2. Those orange pants are awesome - I love colored denim! Look six is definitely my favorite. The navy and orange look wonderful together, and you can't go wrong with polka dots!

  3. Thanks for stopping by ladies! This is an awesome link up - learning so much from everyone!

  4. I'm so jealous of your cropped pants in so many fun colors! These orange ones and the cobalt blue ones are my favorite though. :) Love the orange paired with the navy blue!

    Jess - J's Style

    1. Thanks Jess! You too can find colourful crop pants at VV Boutique for $2 - $9!! Totally awesome! I see YOU have mustard pants - maybe we need to do a trade?!! ;)


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