Monday 18 March 2013

R & R (Retreat and Rest)

This Monday felt like a hundred Mondays all bundled into one.  And my youngest is still awake, so it ain't over yet.  Maybe this is inevitable following a fabulous weekend ladies' retreat full of relaxation, reading, laughter, making new friends, getting to know old friends even better, singing, hot tubbing, sleeping, good food and good learning.  Can't get much better than that!  One minor detail: I neglected to snap a single photo.  My bad.  I will attempt to recreate my ensembles, so get your imagination ready to go!

all VV Boutique

Saturday morning was memorable.  I had just sat down by the cozy fire for some coffee and books when the friendly gal next to me complimented me on my scarf.  Well.  Turns out Deb and her sis-in-law Erika are avid thrifters AND Deb is a seamstress to boot!  They were both styling some comfy but not frumpy VV Boutique pieces, and enjoy the whole process as much as I do!  If you're reading ladies, we WILL meet up one day at VV!  Kindred spirits flock together!

this colourful floral scarf from VV Boutique for some pattern mixing and pizazz!

First thing Sunday morning while I was pouring my coffee, this ensemble got a compliment!  Great way to start your day!  I might mention that these kind words came from a stylin granny!  In fact, on the tail of the fight the frump series, I wondered if the ladies would let it all go in the name of relaxation or find that balance between comfort an style, annnnnddd........ I was pleasantly surprised!  Though they were definitely chillaxin, I could see special touches and individual style.  But what really blew me away were the, how do I say this delicately, "older" ladies - including our amazing keynote speaker.  They looked incredible!  Vibrant, stylish, comfortable - the things I aspire to!  Plus, chatting with one of my real-life finding-your-style mentors, I discovered a mutual love of thrifting and was reminded of some of the basics...more on that another day.  For now, despite a crazy Monday, and photo-free weekend, I did retreat and rest and I am grateful! 

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