Friday 15 February 2013

Valenbirthday VV Special

I had every intention of writing this up last night, then my 2 year old woke up and screamed for 3 hours.  Good times.  And further explanation of why I crop my haggard head off sometimes.  Anyhoo, as my awesome friend Janet shared, Valentine's Day happens to be the day when I have to update my Blogger profile.  Which I'm stalling on.  Don't judge me.  And for my 29th 35th oh fine 39th birthday, I got the best gift ever: 1.5 hours in the middle of a weekday all by myself to shop at VV Boutique.  There was even a sale: 25% off which beats the Super Savers Club Card birthday discount of 20%!  For the first time since Fashion's Night Out, I'm going to share some of my VV Boutique shopping experience.

Quick backtrack before we start...

Remixed with CK striped dress.
Polka dots and stripes are made to go together.
 I left the house with the cobalt belt but decided it was too matchy matchy and left it in my van.
A skinny cobalt might have been okay...
When I tried the belt without the cardi in the morning, I didn't like it, 
but when I took these photos while hiding from my kids in the closet, I liked it more.

Pass the layering tank
It is NOT cheating!
Remixed with BR red polka dot button-up and J Brand denim.
A brief explanation for a relatively tame ensemble:
I wanted to wear red for Valentine's Day, but wanted to have an easy shopping outfit,
As in, I could remove the button-up and try on pieces in the aisle without flashing.
Not that this happens at VV Boutique, but I like to be prepared.  Just in case.
It's my duty as a professional.

With my shopping outfit ready to go, school party snacks prepared and dropped off, toddler tucked into day home, I tried not to speed to the nearest VV Boutique!
 The candidates...
Let me introduce you to Happy Pants.
If the crotch is smiling at you, put them back.
 The no's.
 The maybe's.  Stay tuned to see what went home with me!

I scored some books, scarves and other treats for my sewing friend.  All in all, it was rejuvenating and just one of the many blessings on my Valenbirthday!

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