Saturday 2 February 2013

Party Like You're Three

Sometimes my Saturday nights are just wild and crazy.  Tonight, I hit the local pool and partied it up with my fave toddlers.  Wait, once they're three, are they preschoolers?!  Egad.  Favourite Megan, glad you are going there first (and thanks for the great party!).  Like every fashionista, I wondered what to wear for my party night.  I chose this:
All from VV Boutique
Wrist band courtesy of I forgot I still had it on.   

You might be thinking, but that looks like crap.  Well, by the end of the night, fair enough, it was a bit wrinkly, but here's why it fit the occasion:
  • colourful - toddlers/preschoolers/style bloggers like bright
  • easy to get into while still slightly damp (me, not the clothes)
  • forgiving, thus able to accommodate supper, cake and chips without feeling constricted
  • speaking of chips, orange pants are munchie-mix friendly especially for those times when *some people's husbands* steal your napkin
  • these pants are cute rolled, which is what you need navigating family change rooms
  • layered - you never know if it's going to be chilly or sweltering in those party rooms or when you might forget to pack your 5yo a shirt leaving you no choice but to try and convince him that your layering tank looks *exactly* like a muscle shirt until another friend thankfully coughs up a jammie top and saves the day
  • not too matchy matchy but not too mixed up - I wanted my ensemble to be interesting but not so out there that other people's relatives would wonder who brought the weird girl
 This is the "Guess what else I forgot to bring" jig.
I forgot panties.  Yep.
Keep calm and party on. 
My Saturday night was pretty well perfect - my family, good friends, comfy styling clothes and many reminders of my blessings!  (Including panties - may I never take them for granted again!)


  1. Hahahahahaha this post was awesome. I especially like the pool wristband as accessory. Thanks for coming!
    -Favourite Megan

  2. Haha!! Love it! Jer forgot his panties, too! ;) Ummm...I mean he forgot his very masculine underwear...!


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