Wednesday 6 February 2013

Take One and Pass It On

I can't recall what led me to start exploring style blogs, but some time ago, I discovered Kendi and Ain't No Mom Jeans then Everyday Mom Style, and from there, my mind was blown by the incredible style-blogging community!  Early on, I read about 30 in 30 challenge that bloggers everywhere were taking - basically you choose 30 pieces from your wardrobe and remix them for 30 days.  That was intriguing to me, but I ended up taking on the VV Boutique challenge which has kept me plenty busy and happy!  THEN, I read this post by Franish - take one and pass it on.  !!!  What an awesome idea!  Remixing your wardrobe with a bit more flexibility than 30 in 30!  Love it, and immediately decided to try for a week for funsies.  So here's my take on Take One and Pass it On so far:

Day One
 Gingham top, floral scarf, fuchsia belt, orange pants all from VV Boutique

Day 2 - Passing on the top and scarf
 Remixed with Ann Taylor cargos and Oxmo tank

Day 3 - Passing on the pants
Day 4 - Passing on the cardi
 Remixed with J Brand denim, butterfly tee, mustard tank from VV Boutique and tons of accessories.
 I'm a model ya know what I mean and I do my crazy eyes on the catwalk.

Day 5 - Pass the mustard
Remixed with sheer shell, accessories and VV Boutique pieces:
trousers, shoes and my latest cutest red floral print cardi $6 
 I heart the trifecta of accessorizing: bracelets...
 My 2yo is not too shabby for taking photos!

At first, I had in mind something I wanted to wear late in the week and was trying to plan my outfits backwards from there.  Then I realized that felt like cheating or, at the very least, altered the organic nature that this remix-strategy seems to be getting at.  As soon as I let go and let it happen, I loved this approach!  I was rewarded by finding a way to style this cute crop-ish cardi (which I've been struggling with) where its close fit is balanced nicely with the loose shell, and the patterns and colours embody the mixing that makes my heart smile.  

So far, I haven't felt limited or hindered - in fact, I feel like I have a little ensemble primer every day!  My plan is to keep it up till Saturday and maybe longer!  Stay tuned!

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