Saturday 23 February 2013

Outfit Orientation

Is Saturday over already?  When did that happen?  Maybe my outfits will jog my memory about this week because it's foggy.  We left off in 1986...

Pass the yellow pants
 Remixed with green plaid, green stripe tank and
 heart necklace.
Oh yeah, this was Tuesday, my day off.  I stayed home and ended up dirty.

Pass the plaid
  Remixed with snow leopard cardi, trousers from VV Boutique
and other stuff from my closet.  
This was Wednesday.  Stuff happened, I felt cool with my mixed prints.

Pass the animal
 Remixed with mustard tank from VV and my horrid black pants and great layered necklaces.
This was Thursday when I spent 3 hours with a guy from Apple.
I still feel dumb 3 days later.

Pass the mustard
 Remixed with teal cardi from VV,
J Brand, splurge belt and She Does Create necklace.
This was Friday.  An awesome day where I got to chitty chat with the Kitchen Magpie.
And help people.  There was also that.
And I got to go to Walmart alone so you can see why it was awesome.

Pass the denim
 Remixed with gray v neck, pink sweater and
 a fab *new* silk blend scarf $3.75 from VV Boutique.
This is today, Saturday.  A lot went on.  Including this:
 Lap top, tea, 2yo photographer.  All good.

As it turns out, the outfits did clear the haze.  They anchor the days and orient me to ... well, me.  That's a pretty good way to wrap up my week.

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