Wednesday 24 October 2012

Transition Turmoil

Ever have one of those mornings that ought to go smoothly, but before you know it, you have a mountain of rejected outfits on your bed as you're running out the door late for everything and you realize too late that you do not even have shoes for one kid?  No?  Just me.  Sigh.

You see, last night I tried on some summer-to-fall-transition ensembles and ask my style adviser if they worked...

Option One:
Fave summer colourful zigzagy stripe dress with tights, long necklace and a gray v-neck.
And Frye boots since the dress has some mustard in it!
Verdict: too country
 Option Two:
Add a cobalt belt, mustard scarf and brooch, and swap out Frye's for black boots
to create a clean leg line.
Verdict: too carefully coordinated
 Option Three:
Swap out everything.   
Jax skirt, Gap mauve sweater and mustard scarf with different brooch because it goes with everything.
Verdict: some skirts are just for summer

Then, I gave up and went to bed and watched my PVR'd ANTM and felt grateful for the attitude and confidence of my thirties!  Blissful sleep till this morning when every single thing I tried on didn't feel right.  I'm talking, I walked my son to the bus, came back in and changed for the 6th time.  Even though I wasn't completely satisfied, I had to leave so here it is:
I guess I was in the mood to wear a dress, sweater, tights and boots in some form or another.  Even though this fab high-low dress is light-weight, the colour is perfect for fall and I love it with the Bordeaux Merino wool cardi.  But what I really couldn't wait to wear (and probably why everything else I tried felt all wrong) was this statement necklace:
Necklace $3 VV Boutique

I know bubble necklaces are all the rage, and I do love them - trust me, when I spot one at VV  Boutique, I will snatch it up - but I think there is more than one way to make a necklace statement.  This necklace has great shape and weight, the brushed gold is current and the colours go with everything.  Broken record, I know.  
I adore this belt!  It was one of my splurge pieces back when it was my turn and it was around $70, which you may or may not think is pricey... It is leather and I think the three different hooks are unique and interesting, and I have worn it over and over.

I wonder if some coloured tights would have been better, or the Frye boots (too much mustard?) or my imaginary desert booties or the practical brown boots that are next on my list...  No matter, because what I have is black leggings and black boots so that's what I wore.  I was comfortable and felt stylish so in the end, it was good enough!   

Today's post over at Everyday Mom Style just happened to be all about transitioning summer dresses - great minds think alike AGAIN!

After reading Megan's post, I thought, what the heck, I could have worn options 1, 2, or 3 after all!  What do you think?  Let me know, or face the possibility of having to look awkwardly away when you bump into me wearing my summer dress in the frigid fall!  Or snow.  

Hmmm, maybe I'll just stick to necklace statements. 


  1. I can totally relate to making a mess pulling out my entire closet hunting for an outfit. But I think you have two winners in the pics here. I love the colors in them and how nicely layered they each are. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog so I could find yours!!! ~Sarah

  2. I liked the second look, but it's about fabric weight too. Consider our weather, which makes transitioning summer pieces more don't always show the true story...

  3. I just made a mess of my room trying to figure out the exact same thing yesterday too! :) And it took me so long, I decided I didn't have time to do my errands any longer, so instead I just put on my sweats and put the kids for a nap...! Trying to do better today...!

  4. I probably shouldn't be admitting this in public, however...

  5. And I actually like both 2 and 3, I think either would be very nice and appropriate for fall.

  6. Thanks ladies! We shall see now that permanent snow seems to be here! Kim, I would've done the same if I didn't have to work!!

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