Monday 22 October 2012

Mustard Everything-But-A-Cardi

After a week of solo parenting, concluding with the great 3-Day Potty Training adventure, I really needed some time with just me and VV Boutique.  I didn't have long, just enough to swing past the shoes and sweaters, scanning for desert ankle booties (I have hope, People) and the elusive mustard cardi...



No luck.  Sigh.  However, I squeezed in one last drive-by of the scarf aisle and am I ever glad I did!  Meet my newest mustard friend:
 Brand new, tags-still-on scarf that will go with everything
$6 VV Boutique

I wonder if people are scared of yellow.  That is the only reason I can imagine for giving up this beauty!
This magnificent pose is immediately pre-jig,
which WAS caught on video but there is no way y'all will ever see me
rapping and dancing in my top-model glory.
I couldn't help myself; I saw Pitch Perfect last night.  
It goes without saying that the scarf is going to compliment everything, but today I paired it with my fave striped Calvin Klein dress, leggings and my BFF's for reals, my mustard Frye's.  I added the long vest because I needed to fulfill the rule of 3 and without it, it was too matchy matchy.  Even this ensemble is pushing the matchy matchy boundaries, but I'm willing only because these mustard friends are new to my closet and a bit shy, and they feel more comfortable going out together.
Recovered from the dancing...

As for the brooch (a poor spelling of a word if I ever saw one), I have been wanting to try accessorizing my scarves since seeing the latest brooch trends from Anthropologie and others.  I knew I was hanging onto those pins for a reason!! 

I have, eh hem, a *few* scarves and it is just awesome that I can add some inspiring novelty to the collection for the price of a fancy coffee thanks to VV Boutique.

And just a quick note in case you feel the same: I find VV Boutique a little scary right now with such an emphasis on Halloween...  There are some neat Halloween things but it is a little overwhelming!  However, it's easy enough to steer clear of that madness if what you're really after is some stylish pieces, so don't let that stop you from your regularly scheduled therapy shopping!


  1. I love adding pops of mustard! those boots are soooo great! and really interesting how you added the brooch to the scarf. nice unique feature to the look. lookin lovely, nicole! xoxo linds {{}}

  2. Thanks so much for your kind words and stopping by!! I'm in love with mustard (uh, in case it isn't obvious)! Those boots are a gift from above I tell ya. I pinned them with a wish in my heart and two seconds later, found the exact pair I wanted on kijiji in my size in my city. God's in the details! (even minor fashion details, and that is awesome!)


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