Wednesday 17 October 2012

Take Two

This may come as a shock.  I wear my clothes more than once.  AND I don't even take pictures every time.  I know.  Hard to believe.

Today I gave my vintage-y small-head-hole top a day out.  A very windy brisk day out, thus I paired it with my cream wool cardi.  A layering tank and my fave Accessorize necklace to complete the look. 
Top $5 VV Boutique  
Wool cardigan $7 VV Boutique

 I totally felt like one of the competitors on America's Next Top Model with my photographer - my 4-year-old son - yelling at me, "THIS IS IT.  ONE MORE SHOT."  Only it wasn't exactly one more shot; it was more like, he took four pictures and here are three of them. 
 Beggars can't be choosers.  Here is the ensemble from the perspective of a 4-year-old
standing on the coffee table.
 I love the bold teal of this necklace.  It is the yellow pants and mustard cardi of necklaces.
It goes with everything.

This top has enough detail going on that I don't mind it plain, but I did feel better having three layers!  Or maybe I was just cold.  All I know is that I wore a $21 ensemble (not counting my shoes!) and was completely comfortable and satisfied thanks to VV Boutique

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