Tuesday 12 November 2013

Shopping Triple Play - Part Two

VV Boutique and the Petite

I spent all last weekend shopping and had so much fun!  Saturday, I went with two sisters and helped them score some amazing pieces!  Sunday, I went with another fast friend, Elizabeth, who was concerned we wouldn't find enough things to try for her petite frame...
 Two carts full of options!  I love being right!

Elizabeth is 5'1" and a true petite fit up top yet she has muscular legs from dancing and a more rectangular shape.  We tackled those carts with some petite style tips in mind:
  • look for small prints rather than large prints that may overwhelm her frame
  • pencil skirts and sheath dresses that hit just above knee
  • straight leg pants
  • "two-thirds rule" - the bottom or top at a glance should cover 2/3 to create a longer line
  • tuck in shirts and belt to define waste, elongate leg line and create that two-thirds 
  • a monochromatic palette tends to lengthen
  • use narrow belts to define the waistline
  • avoid oversize handbags
  • fit is important so tailor as needed
  • generally, pieces should be proportionate to her frame and to each other
Elizabeth works in a business casual lab environment leaning more towards casual, though she wisely aims to dress more like her supervisor who tends to be a bit more business!  She loves heels and can wear them all day but has to have closed-toe and pants.  She also needs clothes for being a mom to her adorable 13-month old and something nice for hubby to see never hurt anyone!  Elizabeth recently changed her diet due to allergies and has lost some weight and now has what she describes as "skinny guilt."  I get that, but regardless how you feel, ya got the body ya got and might as well dress it stylishly!  This goes for all of us!  There's no point lamenting over where you are body-wise; instead equip yourself with a closet full of clothes that fit and that you like!  Then getting dressed each day will be much more enjoyable!  To that end, Elizabeth did her homework and cleaned out her closet and gained a 30% off sticker card.  Here are some of the pieces that worked:
 Behold the find of the year - Citizens of Humanity jeans for $6.30, styled down/mid/up.
These jeans retail for $200+!  So jealous happy for Elizabeth!
These trousers can be dressed up or down depending on her work-wear mood.
Demonstrating the power of interesting pieces and the rule of three.
Scarves and different styles of tops add interest to the basic pants + top fashion formula.
These black pants had a contemporary fit and easily matched everything!
 Pretty plaid and unique jackets add the fun and finishing to her foundational pieces!
 As if the Citizens of Humanity weren't lucky enough, Elizabeth also scored a perfect chambray and a leopard-print cardi!
Click here for some ways to style that chambray or search Pinterest.  It is a versatile piece!
$7 for pink suede she-booties is reason enough to Google how to clean them up!
And black wedge boots?!!  Hullo!

Elizabeth edited some of these pieces out but in the end got 7 pairs of pants, 4 pairs of shoes, 2 scarves, 4 necklaces, set of bangles, basic black hoops and many awesome tops...
Elizabeth's new threads waiting patiently to go home with her!

She selected a grand total of 48 pieces for $227.81!  That works out to $4.74 per item or $7.35 including my fee.  I would call that a rousing success!

I don't know about you, but when I look at all those ensembles, I would never guess Elizabeth is a petite.  All I notice is a serious style presence!  I had so much fun and most importantly, Elizabeth now knows she can turn to VV Boutique any time to find pieces that will work for her at an affordable price!


  1. This is phenomenal! I am so impressed with all of these wonderful finds, and love the different stylings you've shown here. Being a thrift guide sounds like a dream job to me!

    1. Thanks so much for reading and for your kind words! It is so much fun to shop with all these amazing women! I love it! (though I love my day job too - I'm doubly blessed!)

  2. Looks great. I'm so glad you offer this service.
    It can be very discouraging hunting for clothing that fits, looks good on your frame, and that you like.
    Elizabeth is happy, and looks wonderful. Thanks Nicole.

    1. My pleasure! Elizabeth is awesome and I agree she looks incredible! Outside matches inside!


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