Sunday 24 November 2013

Selfie Sequence

Mirror self photography is not exactly my favourite but I have had troubles lately wrangling my threenager 3yo photographer and haven't had my work photographer available consistently - the nerve of her not being at my beck and call for non-work related matters.  Since I am doing Take One and Pass It On, I have at least managed a tired selfie before I climb into my jammies and snuggle up to my Kleenex box.

Pass the moto cardi...
 Mixed with chambray, black tank and tweed print trousers $3.50 VV Boutique
I think I was trying to decide whether to look at my phone or the mirror and as it turns out, looking at the mirror is just plain odd.

 Pass the tweed...
Day mix: Kenneth Cole boots, lace top, grandpa sweater
Night mix: black tank, velvet blazer, black Miz Mooz boots and She Does Create pieces.
Who knew tweed pants would work so well for a little musical theatre?!

Pass the lace...
Mixed with raspberry tank $2, J Brand denim and leopard scarf from my closet.
That "serene" expression actually was: 
"Why did I think I could go swimming with the kids then go out? 
How red are my eyes?  Is my "intentionally" messy braid funky or fuddy?
Can I go out in my pajamas?"

Pass the raspberry...
Remixed with pink wool sweater $2.50 and DKNY navy cords, both VV Boutique.
By this point, I'm really not feeling well at all and want to wear a nap.

Pass the necklace...
(*not* cheating) Remixed with $3 sweater and J Brand.

I'm hoping lofty ambitions will carry me right through an insanely busy week ahead, also last week of TOPIO and Whole 30.  That's right, all these outfits you've been seeing in November have been done without wine, sugar, grains, legumes, or dairy.  They suddenly look better, right?  Right?!!

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