Tuesday 29 January 2013

Collar Art

I've never considered myself to be super trendy.  I more or less follow what's going on around me, trying to bring at least a little individuality and personal style to the mix.  My "goal" is not to be trendy, but just to be put together.  As a working mom of three, that is ambitious enough!  However, this VV Boutique adventure has helped me to be more aware of what's going on in the greater style community and maybe just maybe get to the game a little sooner than before.

For example, I've been seeing statement necklaces with button-up tops here and there, alerting my attention to something that might actually work in my world.  Then a recent email from J. Crew piqued my interest and I had to try this trend!  Here was the inspiration:

And here is my take on it:
Bracelets from my closet

The fabric of this blouse is, well, blouse-y rather than button-up-y, so the collar could not hold up to two layered necklaces, but I felt the Peter Pan style collar, the print, and the pretty fabric-covered buttons were the perfect complement to my necklace. 
 Also, these were the clean pants in my closet, so I needed something to complement them!
 This is my preppy expression.
 Reminds me of 80s teen movies for some reason.
Aha!  Maybe it's reminiscent of the boxy button-ups and pearl necklace-brooch combos that we* used to wear.
*Ignore this whole section if you can't immediately name a John Hughes movie.
I got a lot of compliments on my blouse and necklace, and of course I was more than pleased to share that my top cost "a latte" and my necklace is one-of-a-kind!  I liked this trend so much that I will be trying it again with my other button-ups... once I extend some *good will* toward my sis and acquire some suitable necklaces (You know the one.  She and I have a date.  If she's not sold by you know when, she's mine.  Agreed?) 

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