Sunday 27 January 2013

London Fog Lace

You know what makes for a great day?  Helping someone live out her dreams AND finally having a the chance to wear something special that has just been hanging around waiting for the perfect occasion...
London Fog eyelet lace blazer $3 VV Boutique
And my winning bridal-show smile...

I helped my talented sister of She Does Create at a local bridal fair and wanted to be able to covet model how her funky pieces might look with some silk and lace. 
 Silk BR peplum ruffle top
It was lots of fun to see all the brides-to-be... and then there was the pole exercise display across the aisle which left me speechless with core-strength admiration.  In the breaks between brides, I was able to slowly stalk the jewelry!  This one didn't come home with me but looked awesome with my ensemble...
 I love how this statement necklace echoes the popular bubble pieces in an original way.

And once these two bracelets (mint heart and blue heart) landed on my wrist, they never wanted to get off. 
 You can't blame them for not wanting to leave the arm party.
Love the fluted three-quarter sleeves! 

My thieving accessorizing also provided the opportunity to demonstrate an important concept.  You CAN mix accessories - colours, metals, styles - whatever!  I had some oranges/yellows in my necklace/tank/boots and blues in my jeans/bracelets/ring and some shine in my pearly buttons/necklace/bracelet bling...
Channel your inner bridezilla and just do whatever suits you!  Of course, for an every-day occasion, a VV Boutique budget rather than a bridezilla budget makes that a whole lot easier! 


  1. I've had a similar lace blazer in my closet for...surely, over a year now! Maybe more. Embarrassing, really, because I think it still has tags on it too. This encourages me to pull it out and actually try to wear it now!

  2. Thanks for stopping by AJ! Been perusing through the Take One links myself!! I do love this blazer and next I want to try it with a statement tee, just waiting for VV Boutique to produce the right one at the right time!!


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