Monday 7 January 2013

Crop Ambition

If nothing else, you can credit me ambition.

It's the first day back to work and school, back to routines; back to life, back to reality.  (Sing it.)  In my matrix of goals, I do have plans to Whole 30 it up, but today was not the day that started and good thing because it ended in cookies.  Yay.  So if I'm not starting my New Year season with svelte ambitions, I might as well have other lofty ambitions, like wearing a crop top.

Crop 3/4 sleeve turtleneck $2.10 VV Boutique

To make things extra ambitious, these photos were taken before work and school by my almost-5-year-old and so slightly blurry is the best we could do.  He also took, in his words, "some random shots."
 You cannot stop art.

This sweater is by Japanese Designer Hiroko Koshino.  So maybe it's not meant to be a crop sweater.  Maybe it's meant for a small Japanese woman.  Whatev.  It's now my signature Japanese-designer piece.  
 The colours are warm and there is a gold metallic accent.

I have seen cropped shirts pop up on style blogs and wouldn't have guessed I'd ever find one that I would even consider wearing from VV Boutique, yet there it was for an awesome price!  I think the sleeves and turtleneck balance the crop and make it work!  Just like in this informative video, where the featured crop top is fitted but has a high neckline.  In any case, I think the crop sweater is surprisingly slimming!  Especially if I were standing up a little taller... 
My fave Oxmo tank was a forgiving partner - long enough to scrunch it without adding bulk.

Believe it or not, I am not new to crop tops.  I wore a short sleeve blue crop from Tristan and Isolde (when it was still called that) back in 1996 and again in 1998.  Wish I had some photos to share but that was before digital when many of you weren't even born.  Eh hem.

Did you notice the other awesome thing in the photo?  You got it - brown pants!  These are your standard Gap pants in good condition for $2.45 from VV Boutique.  Boo yah.

And do you know what else is awesome about VV Boutique?  You can partake in trends for a few dollars, no risk no regret!  Love. 

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