Friday 25 January 2013


I am finding myself longing for the relaxed days of summer when I had more time to do quality activities like sleeping later, reading more and daily Pinterest sessions.  Instead, I pop on here and there and consider myself lucky to come across pins such as this, pinned by Lindsey Herzog of Ruby Girl blog onto her awesome Faith and Fashion bloggers board.  Lindsey chooses a "pin of the week" from amongst the many (so I'm learning!) inspiring faith and fashion bloggers.  Now I need time to go on Pinterest, find all these blogs, read through all the archives, pin and then stay in my closet for a week to copy copy copy....!  Oh fine, I will just start with the original pin that caught my eye and started me down another amazing tangent of this style journey!
 Chambray, orange pants and shoes all from VV Boutique.
Enormous-looking flipper-feet courtesy of 5yo photography.  Or maybe my modeling skills.

I don't work most Fridays, but I had to work a half-day today so I needed to wear something casual-Friday-ish but funky-professional-ish.  I thought this look by blogger Sarah Barnett of Think Twice Style fit the bill perfectly...

So I copied shamelessly, assuming that my flattering, honest and grateful intentions would shine through my copycat actions!  Of course, the mustard pants and stripes are what caught my attention, and I was inspired to try a button-down under my striped sweater after playing dress-up.  
I chose my orange chinos over my yellow pants because... well, because I am wearing striped undies and didn't want them to show through, since I'm being honest.  (Visible panty lines are one thing, visible panty patterns are quite another.)
The look had it all - three interesting elements up top, colours, neutrals, layering, comfort!  All in all, I was pleased with my successful and stylish copycatting.  And I'm going to do it again, since I'm being honest.

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  1. yayyy!! this is AWESOME! you look great and I am honored by all your kind words about the fashion and faith board and such!!


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