Monday 6 January 2014

Red Pants Rock

Well, I know of at least 3 friends that I coerced stylish women who dressed in #BlackOutStyle today!  Thanks ladies!!  I was worried I might just have to march to the end of January and get me a pretty white fox!  As I chose my ensemble for today, I was surprised at how difficult it was to avoid black!  One of my thrifting pals said she would gladly do an "All Black" challenge and just hide during what I've learned is a common diagnosis: Seasonal Snack Withdrawal.  Where's the challenge in that?!!

Luckily for me, I recently discovered what I can only call my colourful style muse, Elisa Nalin.  She is an Italian-born Parisian Stylist and woman of influential fashion (sounded too inelegant to say fashionista).  In other words, she is exactly the person that a nearly-40-year-old mother-of-three pediatric-Occupational-Therapist small-town-Albertan would look to for style inspiration!  (My town is French, that counts for something, right?)
It was love at first Pin for me.

Elisa makes me think you just grab anything colourful, wear it with flair and elegance and let everyone else carry on in their neutrality.  So that's what I did today...
Red pants $2.50 Hope Missions Bargain Shoppe
Lands End navy polka dot top $3.50, mustard cardi $2, Clarks she-booties $10 all VV Boutique
Necklace and earrings by She Does Create
Bangles and socks from my closet
If a 20-something girl at LAX can wear rolled pants, socks and she-booties, so can I.

Love love loved all my colour today!  In a sea of denim and black pants, these red pants ROCK!
 Wait a second... I may have been thinking of another style icon after my California trip...
 er, I don't know what to say...
No matter!  I still loved my ensemble!

Both these, er, inspirational fashion icons have something in common: they always look healthy and happy!  That's an underrated style aspiration if you ask me, and I'm looking forward to a whole lot more before January Black Out Style Challenge is done!


  1. Just when I can't understand why CathyP INSISTS that we absolutely *at some point have to* meet...I realize that once upon a time I wore the exact.same.outfit. (just change your booties into boots...toMAYto-toMAHto). I felt rather ketchup and mustardy wearing it out, but LOVE the colour combo! :)

    1. Well when we finally meet I pledge to wear my red pants and mustard cardi if you will.


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