Sunday 19 January 2014

Black List (The Good Kind)

Despite the lack of posts during the very-busy January Black Out Style Challenge week 2, the colourful non-black-neutral momentum is gathering!  Many of my IRL friends have taken up the challenge and have been tweeting photographic evidence and generally having a great time!  I haven't worn black once since January 3rd and it is getting easier and easier!  It will be even easier tomorrow morning after a thrift trip to VV Boutique earlier today!  I am not buying anything with black in it either, not even to tuck away for later.  And as if to be rewarded for my blackless commitment, I found a pair of Kate Spade loafers in great condition for $9.80!
Believe it or not, I have nothing similar in my shoe wardrobe!
These have a unique round heel - so pretty!

I hadn't intended on beige suede loafers with my ensemble today.  All I was trying to do was copy Elisa Nalin's ugly-pretty sweater look...
This sweater reminded me of my ugly-pretty cardi so I decided to use Elisa's look as inspiration.  I note that she has contrasting colours, different shades and hues of two colours (red and blue). Except, I didn't feel like shaving my legs wearing tights wearing a skirt today so instead, I just picked the pants that I would least likely wear with my cardi.
 Gifted thrifted cardi
Mint pants $3.50, sheer white blouse $2.50 VV Boutique
Mint/green is a contrasting colour to red/rust after all.

Another day, another blackout!  I'm loving how this challenge is forcing me to be more creative, to use more of my closet!  And how it brought me Kate Spade shoes.

Today, Sarah of Sarah's Real Life kicked of her Black Out Style Challenge with a pretty neutral outfit and statement earrings!  Most of last week's challengers kept with it this week too!  Here is the official BlackOut List for Week Two:
Click when you can to check out the participating bloggers (We all love comments, so leave one.  Merci) and follow me on Twitter and Instagram for even more #BlackOutStyle inspiration and camaraderie!

The Black Out Style Challenge is ON like donkey kong for another two weeks, so feel free to join in the fun any time!  Or are you scared(I am talking like a ten-year-old tonight)  Hope not, because there's a fab prize up for grabs for everyone who participates!  The more you do, the more entries you get, but if you want to be official, here are the "schmules" (can we really call them rules at this point?):
  •  wear anything but black (lucky you if your closet is full of navy)
  •  you are allowed two-ish passes per week - for hosiery, footwear, or a subtle pattern including black
  • for every week you go without wearing black and sticking to 2 passes max, you get an entry to win the grand prize
  • for every week you pass on the passes, you get a BONUS entry!
Let me know you are taking the Black Out Challenge by commenting or linking up on Twitter @VVBoutiqueStyle, Instagram @VVBoutiqueStyle, Facebook or email.  Use the hashtag #BlackOutStyle to connect with other participants.

Somehow Black Out Style has given January exactly the zing I was hoping for!  I am issuing challenges within challenges and wearing all my brights in winter!  You don't want to miss the fun! What are you waiting for?  Put those black pants away and start a revolution wherever you're headed this week! 


  1. This is super fun! Thanks for hosting the Black Out Challenge. It's sure a wonderful way to beat the January blues.

    1. Yay! Glad you enjoy! Thanks for participating! January seems like a LOOOONNNGGG month so Black Out Style is a good preoccupation!

  2. Keep going! You will score big, and it really doesn't matter the name brand - what matters is if it makes you happy and expresses your style!


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