Sunday 12 January 2014

Comfort Colour & Black Out Round Up

For many women, their "comfort wear" is black.  Black yoga pants, black hoodie, black work pants, black dress, black bathing suit.  This would be problematic for a lazy weekend during Black Out Style!  Fortunately, my comfort colour is gray.  I had a wonderful weekend crafting with friends, drinking wine and enjoying delish snacks.  (The girl at the store said, "How many women are coming?" to which I replied "14 hungry men." So there.  Hand over the mozza sticks.)  I wore my comfy gray stretchy jeans, gray jammies and then today when I finally had to "dress up" to go out, I reached for my current favourite gray sweater...
 It's got gray, it's got sparkle, it's got lace and it was $2.50 from the Hope Missions Bargain Shoppe!

It's good to have some "friendly clothes" like the gray sweater and my J Brand denim here.  J Brand never says, I think you better put down the chips if you want to wear me out.  Nope, he (don't ask why) is always ready for me, looking good no matter what.
 Thanks for being my friend, J Brand.
(note my colourful NON-BLACK socks)
 Why do I love this $4 thrifted scarf so much?  Because it has gray in it, my comfort colour.

The bottom line is: I managed the weekend without resorting to black, head to toe!  Here's some photo evidence of my black-less style so far...

I am so pleased with the response to Black Out Style!  My Friday work style SISTERS (!) passed on black just for me and looked awesome!  There's even some hallway buzz there and other teachers are joining in the challenge!  Love it!!  I'm going to list off the participants in Black Out Style so far - because it's open to commenters, tweeters, Instagrammers and bloggers, and even IRL friends, not everyone has a link BUT if you see a link, click it and head on over to support your fellow Black Out Stylistas!
Did I miss anyone?!  Please let me know if I missed you because each participant will receive one entry per week for the final prize!  Looking like the odds are pretty good, relatively speaking!  Don't forget to check out Sarah's Real Life - she'll be taking up the cause soon and showing black who's boss!

It is not too late to join in the January Black Out Style Challenge!  In fact, turns out I'm pretty flexible and if you are going to do Black Out Style in any way shape or form, I want to hear from you!!  I'm not that picky about shoes and hosiery and winter boots!  If you're trying, you get an entry.  If you're trying REALLY hard, I might throw in a bonus entry or two in recognition of your dedication.  And by all means, go shopping for some non-black pieces!  There's even a 50% off sale at VV Boutique tomorrow!  I can't go unless I'm "cough cough" sick, or able to arrange a spur of the moment out of town field trip for 15 preschoolers.  Sigh.

A reminder about the apparently lax "rules" for Black Out Style:
  •  wear anything but black - wearing brown or navy or charcoal is NOT cheating!
  •  you are allowed two-ish passes per week - for hosiery, footwear, or a subtle pattern including black
  • for every week you go without wearing black and sticking to 2 passes max, you get an entry to win the grand prize
  • for every week you pass on the passes, you get a BONUS entry!
Let me know you are taking the Black Out Challenge by commenting or linking up on Twitter @VVBoutiqueStyle, Instagram @VVBoutiqueStyle, Facebook or email.  Use the hashtag #BlackOutStyle to connect with other participants.

Thank you to everyone participating in Black Out Style!!  If you continue to participate next week, let me know so I can enter you again!  And remember, it's all about the intent - to invigorate this month with colour and warmth!  


  1. I'm joining in for this week at least! I have been drawn to other neutrals over the past year-ish, so I don't think this will be too terribly hard!

    1. So happy you're joining and looking forward to seeing your outfits!

  2. Hi Nicole. I found your details from Fashion and Faith.I'm their newest newest member. This is so interesting for me as I am a colour stylist. I spend my time showing women how great they look in colours that harmonise with their skin tone. Very few people look good in black. You have beautiful warm and light skin.I think you'd look great in bright colours, coral, peach, orange red, yellows and green. Clear navy is a great navy for you. I love the outfits you've been wearing recently like the red pants rock and cobalt blue. My website and blog is I'm looking to connect with other bloggers as I'm brand new to fashion blogging. At the moment I haven't had the guts to post pictures of myself. Any tips and advice is welcome. I've liked your fb page. If you would like to like mine it's Good to connect. God Bless Lorna

    1. Hi Lorna! Thanks for stopping by! I've found your blog now and am enjoying your colour pointers! Would love to see some real life examples of how you've helped women reach their colour potential! Thanks for your kind words about my ensembles etc! I love pretty much every colour and am lucky to work in a flexible environment! Please keep in touch!


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