Sunday 5 January 2014

January Black Out Challenge

September I focused on Mix Not Match and Second-Choice Style.  October was busy with the second annual Fashion's Night Out and VV Boutique Style thrift-guiding and closet consultations.  November was another great round of Take One and Pass It On with Sarah's Real Life.  December was Dressember #youcandoanythinginadress.  And now it's the eve of returning to work, school, and busy schedules.  Sigh...  It would be nice if spring started in January to lift the spirits; alas, we in the North have several more and worse winter months ahead.  Luckily, I have the perfect style cure in mind:

January Black Out!!

Intrigued??  The idea is that you don't wear black for the rest of January - that's 4 full work weeks - and in so-doing, you let colour and white and cozy neutrals warm your wardrobe and style!  

I know I know, we women like our black.  We like our black boots, our black pants, our black scarves, our black dresses.  I hear ya, but I also think, why not spice things up a bit?!  How long can YOU go without wearing black?  

This is a style wardrobe challenge open to all bloggers, Instagrammers and tweeters!  You don't have to be a fashion blogger to participate, and everyone who participates is eligible to win the grand prize from She Does Create...
The stunning white fox Italian lamp work glass pendant necklace will go to the lucky winner!

Check out the "rules" here:
  •  wear anything but black
  •  you are allowed two passes per week - for hosiery, footwear, or a subtle pattern including black
  • for every week you go without wearing black and sticking to 2 passes max, you get an entry to win the grand prize
  • for every week you pass on the passes, you get a BONUS entry!*
In order to be entered to win, you must let me know you are taking the Black Out Challenge by commenting or linking up on Twitter @VVBoutiqueStyle, Instagram @VVBoutiqueStyle, Facebook or email.  Once a week I will do a round up of those participating.  There's no pressure to post pictures daily, just be sure to share some kind of photo evidence!  Use the hashtag #BlackOutStyle to connect with other participants, though be warned that this is also connected to sports and heavy drinking (no judgment if you do these whilst taking the style challenge).

I am very excited that one of my all-time-favourite bloggers Sarah of Sarah's Real Life will be taking up the challenge later in January!  She has fantastic style, beautiful photos, great writing and came up with the best wardrobe remixing approach that I know of.  I'm thrilled! 

Turns out today is a -32 degrees skinfreezingin5minutes sort of day, so I'm holed up at home in front of the fire and laptop in cozy cobalt and gray to kick off my Black Out.
This is so high fashion I can hardly stand it.
Sweater from my closet, cobalt chinos $6 and striped tee $4 from VV Boutique.

I admit that this is going to be more challenging in winter when black pants are a typical staple for me, and my indispensable black dress will have to take a break.  I am looking forward to stretching my style sensibilities and seeing how everyone else styles a black-less winter wardrobe!  If you are up for the January Black Out Challenge, grab a button and ... get dressed! 

Join the Black Out Style Blogger Challenge!

Thanks to Grab My Button for tech support.

 *Yes, I admit, I am encouraging shopping.  Do what you have to do, and all the better if you do it at VV Boutique!


  1. hmmm...I'd be up this if I could, but in looking thru my closet, I don't think I actually can! I'd be wearing the same thing every couple days! :) Pretty much every single thing in my closet has black in it somewhere! But I will commit to trying to be as colourful as possible! :)

    1. I think you're overlooking the obvious: go shopping.

      You're welcome.



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