Wednesday 27 February 2013

Tales of Victory and Defeat

This Take One and Pass It On update includes tales of victory and defeat.  So sit down.

I left off on a lazy Saturday remixing denim, which was as close to cheating as bracelets, but I did it anyway so that I could wear my latest VV Boutique awesome pink stripe silky scarf.

Pass the pink
 Scarf and knit tee remixed with cargos and charcoal cardi

This weary look is not defeat.  Not even close.  I wore this Sunday for church then I hit the sneak peak 50% sale at VV Boutique (club card members could go a day early!) where it was exhilarating madness!  I had to take my daughter with me and she fell asleep en route, woke up and said, "Let's go try on some clothes."  She's 2.  VICTORY!!!!!  

Pass the charcoal
 Remixed with green pants, VV Boutique necklace, and two of my finds from Sunday,
French Connection top $4 and...
 Hispanitas shoes $3.50
These shoes retail for $165 and up in my estimation and they were in perfect condition.  These babies might be my best score yet!!!  VICTORY!!!!  I also wore this to my first ever local city council meeting to support my outstanding friends who are were fighting for urban food.  And for their farm to not get bowled over in the near future.  The vote did not go in their favour - defeat - but their attitude and character are remarkable so I have no doubt they will ultimately be victorious.

Pass the french


For the first time in this challenge, I neglected to get a photo.  Of my outfit, that is.  I did snap this
so that I could explain my socks to the blogosphere.  And I also snapped this, 
because if you make soup from scratch, you are ethically obligated to post it to Instagram.  FYI, I remixed the French under a gray sweater/tunic from my closet archives, my fave splurge belt and my litmus jeans.  I am mid-way through my second Whole 30 and so the jeans aren't quite there yet, but the soup is.

Pass the belt
 Remixed with cargos, pink top circa 2009 and that scarf again!

This wasn't my original plan for my belt.  I was going to remix it with more of my sale finds, but then I remembered that today is Pink Shirt Day - a day to stand up to bullying and show solidarity by wearing pink.  I guess I'm all about support this week.  And I got to wear my scarf again.  VICTORY!

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