Monday 18 February 2013

Hot Tub Time Machine Sweater

I am loving the Take One and Pass it On remix challenge!  I think this approach is great for the "real life" woman - the one who has five seconds to choose her outfit, who, eh hem, may not put her clothes away at night and naturally reaches for what what she wore the day before...  For me, real life also means limited photography time and expertise around this joint, so consider my photos real-life-styled!  Let's start a trend! 

Last post left off on my Valenbirthday VV Boutique shopping outfit:
No, I didn't pass the following on but forgot to mention I scored it (for 25% off!). 
Perfect condition and all those colourful hearts!  How could it not go home with me on Valentine's Day?!

Pass the charm
 Once again, I insist I am not cheating!
My kids surprised me with the dangly heart charm for my birthday.
So, here's my charm remixed with:  
 Scarf $3 VV Boutique
Orange pants $3 VV Boutique
Mauve Gap sweater from my closet.

Okay, the real reason I remixed the bracelet is because I wanted to wear my new scarf scored from my shopping expedition.  Before this scarf, I hadn't thought of wearing my mauve sweater with my fave orange pants, but I loved them together!  Thank you for inspiring me, Scarf!
Lightweight yet bulky, perfect to transition to spring.  In 17 months. 

Pass the scarf and sweater
Remixed with DKNY cords $9 VV Boutique
and an orange layering tank because sometimes I channel my matchy matchy underneath.
Floor debris compliments of real life.

Pass the pants
 Remixed with my retro sweater $5 VV Boutique
White scarf and accessories from my closet
Nothing too exciting but I liked layering my "choose" necklace 
and my She Does Create nest necklace and earrings, 
and it strikes me how accessories change the look of this sweater.
I wore this ensemble to church, then to a ski race and dinner with friends.  Here's chalet bathroom photography proof:
Goes great with my pink snow pants!

It was this moment that I realized what my sweater reminded me of...going back in time to the 80s!  (No hot tub required, only VV Boutique!)  Indeed, I had to cut out the shoulder pads, but otherwise I thought the dropped shoulder and 3/4 sleeves looked dolman modern-ish, and the colour is EVERYWHERE.  Proof:
My friend's mag.  
Buy it and you will see my hot tub time machine sweater colour everywhere.

I was wondering if the sweater was too eighties, but two of my Splurge Sisters on two different occasions assured me it was on trend in colour and geometric pattern.  I thought so.

 Pass the hot tub time machine sweater
 Remixed with a white layering tank, silver accessories and yellow pants.

While getting dressed for wear one, it occurred to me to pair my springy hue up with more springy hues, and I instantly knew it would look awesome with yellow pants.  Because everything does.
Went skiing again today and felt like a fashion maven knowing I had on my yellows under my snow pants!

Bonus points if you caught the other reason my eye was drawn to this sweater....Anyone?  Anyone?  (Hands up if you saw Ferris Bueller in the theatre in the 80s wearing a sweater like this.)

Give up?

It matches my iPhone5 case and PROVES that this colour and my VV Boutique shoulderpadless sweater for $5 are totally modern.

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