Sunday 10 February 2013

Pass it On Part Two

My plan was to do the awesome wardrobe remix strategy "Take One and Pass it On" coined by the awesome style blog Sarah's Real Life for at least one week, and I'm still going strong.  Even though Sarah is 10 11 12 years younger than me and she's in law school and has a disclaimer on her blog and takes fabulous photos and writes well and has good posture and comes up with fantastic ideas, I cannot help but push any shred of envy aside and simply love her style!  I'm finding her archives inspiring - on trend but still unique and, indeed, wearable for real life.  I figure, if I emulate her approach I will instantly become 27 and get a full night's sleep... if I could just stop reading through the archives.

Here's where I left off:
Day 5 - (just passed the mustard tank)
Day 6 - Pass the bracelet
Remixed with vintage secretary blouse, Sperry's and my new favourite pants,
Green H&M ankle crops $9 from VV Boutique. 
Passing accessories is NOT cheating!  Just check Sarah's rules.
You can argue, but remember, she knows the law.
 This pose is to show you my secretarial sock bun.
And also because I can hear my inner Tyra Banks saying
"Sure you can do face-front, but what about profile?  I don't see 'model'..."

Day 7 - Pass the pants
 Remixed with chambray, Ugg-type much cheaper boots, Eddie Bauer puffer vest.
Once you have Frye boots, you kinda forget about the rest, except when you're taking 3 kids swimming.
Then you just want to have something cozy to look forward to after walking barefoot in public.
On another note, don't you love how these pants go casual so easily?  Swoon. 

Day 8 - Pass the chambray
Remixed with Ann Taylor cargos and StyleMint tee.
This photo is at the end of a very long day, but I'm sporting something special... 

Day 9 - Pass the Word
 Did you catch that?  I passed the necklace.
Remixed here with the green pants, Love 21 Blush top and black Oxmo tank.
My family gave me this Lisa Leonard One Little Word necklace  with my word for 2013 for my special day today.
I was baptized today and that is pretty awesome.

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  1. Well, of course I like all of your accessories, but I especially love this last one! :)


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