Tuesday 12 February 2013

Let the Children, I mean Wardrobe, Lead the Way

I'm not an every day poster, in case that's not obvious.  So the Take One and Pass It On remix is challenging me to get photos every day.  Not always easy.  Sometimes my glamour team is otherwise engaged and we end up with selfies at 10pm.  

Pass the blush top 
Remixed with chevron ponte knit skirt, charcoal tank, gray cardi, gray tights and Miz Mooz pumps.
 I will confess that it took me a few tries to find a remix that worked.
It's interesting to me how when I finally "land" on the right outfit, it just feels right.
Does this happen to others?  Or should I have more coffee before I pontificate on my ensembles?

Pass the tank  
 Remixed with a white tank, emerald cardi, J Brand denim and this fab new scarf gifted to me by my favourite Megan.
Jealous?  You should be, she's an awesome friend! ;)
Bracelets from She Does Create. 
Creative photography is my ploy to distract from bad self-photography.

I'm learning a lesson from this challenge.  Whenever I try to plan outfits ahead of time and then work backwards, it doesn't work.  This should come as no surprise - it's the forward momentum that is inspiring.  So I'll stop from here on out and just let my pieces lead the way!


  1. Love the emerald cardi blue scarf combo! I have been craving an emerald/Kelly green cardi as of late.
    -- Favourite Megan

  2. Hey readers of VVB - just letting you all know that it is Nicole's birthday on Feb 14th!!!!!

    1. Oh Janet! You're sweet! Be my Valentine!!!


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