Saturday 3 November 2012

Animal by Night, Animal by Day

Not only were my Frye prayers answered, but so were my prayers to find a good local babysitter!  And so it was that my husband and I had a date night, first time since our anniversary.  However, between after school errands and getting supper for the kids on and all the babysitter information updated, I had about 5 minutes to get ready.  Thank goodness I curled my hair that morning.  I wanted to at least try for a little sex appeal for my hubby, and so naturally, I reached for my leopard blouse.
 Leopard blouse $6 VV Boutique
Fuchsia belt $4 VV Boutique
Miz Mooz boots $100something something can't remember

 Black Oxmo tank underneath so I could open a few buttons!
 Or all the buttons!
I had a great time and all in all, the night was a success but when I snapped the outfit shots, something didn't look as good as I felt...  Maybe the blouse is too shiny or blouse-y in the sleeves... Maybe the tucked in tank was too bulky in jeans...  Maybe the boots weren't quite sexy enough for the blouse...
What is your problem, Outfit?
Then, while showering and pondering my leopard blouse (everyone does this, right?), I thought about how StyleMint and Anthropologie and the like are all featuring blouses - so it can't be the blouse-y-ness of the top BUT they are often a sheer or matte fabric.  So I decided to give the leopard another try recently* by layering a lightweight sweater over to minimize the shine, but still showcase the animal nature!
*By recently, I mean the very next day.
Everyone does this, right?
Gap sweater circa 2007

I was very pleased with the look!  A little wild preppy edge with the collar and hem peeking out and a nice complement to some subtly bling-y bracelets handmade and designed by my talented sister (and on sale here at a local Christmas craft fair!).
 Gotta love the sparkly arm party!
My conclusion is that I will keep this leopard blouse and try it under some other sweaters.  For $6 from VV Boutique, I can afford to experiment with the animal print trend!


  1. I think the boots didn't work cause they dressed the look down. The boots work when you wear the sweater with the blouse. W/o the sweater you should wear high heels with the blouse.

  2. PS - that comment is from Janet. I don't know how to post comments that aren't anonymous

  3. Yep, I felt the boots and blouse were a mismatch, but I have only one pair of black boots and there is snow and ice and country roads to contend with! Sometimes things just have to be good enough!

  4. I think I like the sweater over top because it shows off your rockin body better than the blousy look and I think it is a better balance for your skinny jeans. But, take this with a grain of salt because I am your friend who prefers monochromatic, is afraid of animal prints and does not think yellow is a neutral. ;)

  5. i find myself with a sudden desire to go shopping for animal print-y tops!! :) both looks are cute, but wearing the sweater over top definitely makes you the super hot & stylish mom at school!!

  6. also...i love your sister's cute! now i really wish i could have made it to the craft fair! :)

  7. Love the animal print n sweater look - a must try!

  8. Thanks "Anonymous"!! And Kim, my goal is to be the hot stylish mom so THANKS!!! (I mean, in addition to my other goals of peace and love, good parenting, happy marriage, great friends, etc etc.!!!)


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