Sunday 4 November 2012

Happy "Time Change" To Me!

Though many people dread Daylight Savings Time, today happens to be one of my favourite days!  An extra hour of waking time is wonderful!  I had a long luxurious morning snuggle with each of my kids, made a dessert for my small group, baked breakfast muffins, checked my work email, browsed some style sites, had coffee - all before 7:30am!  Despite a busy Sunday, I even had time for a quick stop in VV Boutique and managed to pick up some new pieces to create a head-to-toe VV Boutique look:
Skirt $7
Talbots sweater $10
Vintage Bordeaux velvet blazer $7
Old tights from my closet
Grand total: $32!

After reading an inspiring article recently, I had a side objective: a personal mission to find a whole thrifted outfit for under $50.  My total leaves plenty of budget to add a scarf, earrings or other accessories, and even a bag!    
 I like how the pocket lines up with my natural waist line.
And yes, I am doing a "booty tooch" here.
ANTM is not only entertaining, but also educational.

I had another side objective: find something to match this fab statement necklace, handmade by my talented sister, that followed me home from the Christmas craft fair.
I have been assured by the VV Boutique Style Ethics Committee
that supporting my sister is just as good as Goodwill.  

I love it.  Love it with these colours, with these pieces.
I was so surprised that it wasn't immediately snatched up at the sale, but perhaps people over-think statement necklaces.  They think they have to be worn with something fancy, or matchy.  So let me show you how you really wear a statement necklace:
Gotta love the vacuum cleaner in the background.
Life of glamour, I tell ya.
You wear it every day, with your jeans and t-shirt and maybe a cardi if you're feeling chilly or want to add another element to your ensemble.

One last glance at my awesome $32 thrifted ensemble from VV Boutique!


  1. i love the necklace...your sister did a wonderful job! it's so pretty!!

  2. Thanks!!! I do love it so, and you will have a chance to get some sparkly things (so your style!!) at the open house!

    P.S. The VV Boutique necklace photographs differently than IRL! I thought it looked classic, especially with cool earrings and modern hair/makeup!!


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