Friday 9 November 2012


Last week, I branched out in my second-hand shopping.  Thanks to my date night last Friday night, I discovered the Hope Missions Bargain Shop, which just happened to be right around the corner from the restaurant we happened to go to!  (see, it was meant to be!)  It was a different shopping experience than VV Boutique - a little more like what you'd imagine a typical thrift shop to be!  I liked it though - great music, friendly faces and good finds, including this Jones tuxedo blouse:

 Jones tuxedo blouse $5 Hope Missions Bargain Shop
Teal belt $3 and Trousers $9 VV Boutique
Pink shirt from my closet circa 2007
I wish I had taken pictures of me putting this outfit together because it perfectly illustrated the Rule of 3.  It just didn't look quite right until I finally added this velvet blazer this morning and cuffed the sleeves.  Then BOOM, good outfit.
 Black velvet blazer from Target circa 2004.
Cropped, 3/4 sleeve AND a peplum!  Yay me for hanging onto this piece!
This outfit saw a lot of action today.  It started off accompanying me outside to wait with my son for the bus in the snow.  Whereupon my hair lost all its curl.  Then, it helped me shovel my stuck van out of the driveway.  Then it helped me do a presentation and participate in two meetings.  Then it endured dinner, bedtime and bath routines and full on snuggles.  So yeah, it is a bit more wrinkled than when I put it on at 7:15am, but still looks pretty good to me!
Hard to see the pretty tuxedo ruffles, but they're there!
And look what I can't stop wearing - that bracelet again!

You know what would have been a great addition?  My mustard scarf!  Maybe next time! 

So here you have a great ensemble - 50% thrifted and 50% from the archives of my closet!

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