Saturday 7 February 2015

Thrift Haul Saturday

CONFESSION:  Yesterday when I was tucking my vintage floral wool sweater into my pencil skirt, I ripped a hole in it.  Upon further inspection, the fabric was a bit weak in that spot OR it could be I'm an aggressive tucker.  In any case, when you lose a special piece, the only thing that will make it better is replacing it, so I HAD to go thrifting today.  I met up with my sis for an early birthday shopping date and SCORED!  Here are my hits and misses!
This pretty coat was in perfect condition and such a beautiful colour but alas, too small.
I posted it to Instagram with the hopes that it will go to a good home, a home that will send me a picture of it being happy.
Then I spotted a mustard toggle coat...
Sleeves too short.
Choking back tears, then...
A camel robe coat for $7.70!!!
Might be vintage, might be wool, is definitely fabulous!
Next up, my search for cognac boots was fruitless but...
I found Bass penny loafers WITH pennies!
However, when I looked closely, the toes were in rough condition.
Since I'm not exactly hurting for footwear options, I left them behind but not without a sad embrace.
Fortunately, my woes were cheered by...
Leather flat-heeled gold metallic Aldo boots for $7!
I'm fresh out of golden boots.
As I was walking through the aisles giving these boots a test-run, I said to my sister:
"Large polka dot prints are on my radar," when I suddenly spotted...
Cardis are a great finishing piece but can be boring - NOT this one!  $4.90 well spent!
My red and pink ensemble today had me in the Valentine's mood.
First I found a boys' pink button up that I thought would be adorable on my daughter...
But because I want her to wear it, she refuses.
And so it begins..
I also found myself a pink GAP sweater.
It was cute and all, but considering my ample wardrobe, a piece has to have something special to make the cut, 
so I left it behind.
My wardrobe would make a good reality show, case in point: 
I found a piece to replace a similar one in my closet...
This $3.50 coral GAP belt is leather and totally adjustable.  The one in my closet is starting to crack.
"I'm sorry, you're no longer in the running for Nicole's Best Wardrobe."
I might wear that belt with this unique piece...
Oh. My. Word.
Sometimes you're just thankful that someone donated a piece rather than wearing it out.
Reminded me of a funny BuzzFeed Piece about thrifters.
I don't have any cat sweaters (yet) but...
I now have TWO heart-print sweaters!
That's my prerogative, so there.  Another $4.90 well spent!
Before my trip concluded, I found what I came for...
A gorgeous floral wool sweater for $9.10 - not vintage but an Anthro brand!
Just look at those colours!!

I also scored some books that I've been watching out for, a wool seal toque for my daughter and a very special piece that I'm keeping under wraps for now, to create dramatic intrigue!  

CONCLUSION: This was a very successful thrift haul Saturday!  I replaced my sweater, added a coat to my collection (so I can survive a few more days of winter) and found several other pieces that add interest and fun to my wardrobe!  Can't wait to style them for Day to Play!  Are YOU going thrifting this weekend?  Need any metallic pieces for this week's Monday Style Prompt?  Bet you can guess what inspired that one!!


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