Monday 2 February 2015

Bring Back Black

Though it was easier to go without black in January the second year trying, I was happy to wake up this morning, put on my black undergarments (I went hardcore #BlackOutStyle, man, and avoided black head to toe, inside and out...  There were lots of granny nudes happening, and one disappointed husband), and bring back black into my outfit!  I went hardcore black too, opting for all black, head-to-toe and...... I hated it.
Work bathroom selfie.  AKA too late to do anything about my outfit.
Flashback to me begging my 4yo to take pics...
Blazer $7, Aldo pumps $14 VV Boutique
Icebreaker wool skirt, tights and accessories from my closet

I was going for a layered slouchy look, and added the blazer and classic pumps to get the dressy/casual mix...
But I needed more variety in texture to pull it off properly.
At this point, you can tell by my facial expression that I know I'm in trouble.
No time to change, but hey, I had pockets to hold my phone, stampers and tissues.
Later, I swapped the pumps for my Miz Mooz boots (with texture), the blazer for a relaxed cardi, and added a scarf.
Still not much texture, but at least a consistent vibe.
And my dog approved, though she thought I should add some white and rust for the best look.

Several of my work peeps rocked all black successfully, so I know it can be done!  One of those fashionistas was the winner of the Black Out Style 2015 $50 She Does Create gift certificate, Kristen!  Congratulations Kristen and thanks to you and everyone for giving up black and playing along! 
I know!!
I need to go thrifting for black textured pieces!  Fresh out!

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