Saturday 20 December 2014

What to Wear for Christmas Dinner

Tis the season for festive Christmas meals!  If you're like me, they're starting this weekend and it's not unheard of to have a lunch or brunch in the day and another gathering in the evening.  Unless you're lucky enough to be pregnant and wearing panel pants, this raises the inevitable question:  

What should you wear for Christmas dinners?

Short answer: a dress!

Long answer: 
Dress $7 Salvation Army Thrift Store
Leggings, socks, earrings and red bracelet from my closet
Elephant pendant and two bracelets from She Does Create

Dress because there is (usually) no waistband so you're basically wearing a nightgown.

Patterned dress because patterns camouflage, even horizontal stripes.
I can eat half a ham and 3lbs of potatoes and you'll never be the wiser.
Thanks, Pattern! 

Stretchy leggings because it's winter and/or you may have been in holiday mode and not shaved your legs.  You could also wear tights but ensure they are big enough to come all the way up to your ribs (like a maternity panel - there's no shame) and/or are the cotton stretchy-kind like leggings.

Accessories because you need to distinguish this look from your nightgown, not to mention, give all your cute accessories some wear-time.
Them: "Nicole, are you wearing pajamas?"
Me: "DUH, no!  I'm wearing an accessory trifecta therefore my outfit is *nothing* like pajamas." 

Patterned socks because they add pattern-mixing and interest to your ensemble, and as I mentioned, it's winter, at least it is where I am; if it's not where you are and you wear shoes indoors, then skip this part.  Then invite me to come stay with you.
I hosted Christmas dinner last night and really did eat half a ham, etc.
This fashion-formula had me thinking I was ready for a snack by 9:30pm!!  

I like this Christmas-Dinner-Fashion-Formula because there are endless variations.  If your family is formal for Christmas dinner, choose dressier pieces.  If your family wears sweats, you can go for a sweatshirt or jersey dress.  No matter what, people tend to see "dress" and think "fancy" so you'll be dressed to impress either way!

I did a little Thriftmas shopping earlier today and snapped some shots of other dress options to prove my formula.  (Get it, that's a math joke.)
 Though these dresses have a "mid-point," I wouldn't call it a waistband because they're all stretchy and accommodating!
And yes, they're sleeveless, so throw on a cozy cardi and be ready to take it off - FOR THE WIN - when you get the meat/sweet sweats.
Some other good patterned options.  

You can thrift all of these dresses and more right now at a thrift store near you!  Prices range between $7 - $16... so affordable you can hardly blame me for picking up a couple more dresses...
Left Esprit $9.10, right BCBG $13.30!!

These beauties have been washed and are drying as I write, waiting to go out to the next Christmas dinner!  What will YOU wear to Christmas dinner?!

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