Monday 8 December 2014

Classic or Boring?

When I first considered this week's Monday Style Prompt - dress with a long cardi - I had in mind a "new" cardigan I thrifted last week after filming my CTV interview with Erin Isfeld.  I have been looking for a loooooong cardigan with the hope it will turn me into an Anthropologie model... 
What I think I look like...
Reality: photo bombed by a dog while trying on purchases.

Sighhhh.  Something about the colour and shape of this long cardi just isn't working for me so I plan to return it and continue my hunt!  That left me with exactly two long-ish cardigans to choose from - my long taupey one seen here or my $4.90 J Crew cardi.  From my extensive research on Pinterest (why can't that be my job), I hoped to create a look with the cardi and dress at the same length.  Alas, my dresses aren't short enough (I KNOW I'm not 39 anymore) and my cardis aren't long enough.  Instead, I made do with a boring classic look. 
Denim sheath dress $11.90, Clarks loafers $10, belt $2.10 VV Boutique
Tights and accessories from my closet

I have mixed feelings about this outfit.  It was comfortable and functional for a long day.  On the other hand...
Are you asleep yet?

I ended up wearing this handmade (not by me) scarf most of the day...
A scarf makes everything better!

So what do you think?  Is this outfit 
classic or boring?
or BOTH?!!

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