Saturday 6 December 2014

Merry THRIFTmas!

Yesterday was no ordinary Friday.  First off, it was the conclusion of Coloured Tights Week, unless I start repeating the colours, which I likely will because now I'm sold!  Here's my coloured tights look from Friday...
Liz Claiborne dress new-with-tags $11, Fly London fab shoes $13.30 VV Boutique
She Does Create accessories
Tights from the Man Walmart (see disclaimer here)

I liked how the neutral black let both the tights and accessories be in the spotlight.
She Does Create pendants are little works of art.
My black dress framed this tiger agate piece like an exhibit!

Wearing coloured tights definitely added some fun to my week, and upped my little-girl-compliment quotient by a thousand!!  My Monday through Friday looks...
Need a little boost?  Wear coloured tights in an elementary school.
I have several new friends to play barbies with.

Have YOU tried coloured tights yet?  Did YOU take on the Monday Style Prompt?  I encourage everyone to try it!  Why not?!  Even if you don't dwell among 7yo little girls, they are sassy and fun and will put a smile on your face every time you look down!  ("What snow?  I see only my hot pink legs!")

The second extraordinary Friday feature was having the great pleasure of meeting up with Erin Isfeld from CTV to film an interview on my Second-Hand Christmas Challenge!!  Though this thrifting adventure has taken me to all kind of exciting opportunities - being in the Edmonton Journal several times, being on Breakfast TV twice, taking people shopping, Fashion's Night Out, Edmonton Shop Hop... - I have never actually filmed at Value Village!  So much fun!!  Special thanks to Paula, the manager of the 34th Ave location, for welcoming us and giving free reign in the store, and always my gratitude goes to all the employees who are without exception friendly and helpful.  Now that is extraordinary!!

Watch for Erin Isfeld's "Thriftmas" story next Thursday December 11th on CTV.  I can't wait!  Meanwhile, here are some ideas of gifts you can thrift for Christmas!
Christmas cards and wrapping!  Why pay full price when you can thrift NEW cards and wrapping?!
 Christmas decorations and decor.
It's always nice to have a little novelty and if you want to completely change your tree or colour-scheme, find everything you need thrifted!  Erin and I saw beautiful vintage decorations, new decorations and everything in between!
 Christmas mugs filled with candy, Starbucks Via, cake-in-a-mug recipe or fixings make the perfect little gift for teachers or friends.
These mugs come with a festive beverage recipe right on them.  Handy.
There are plenty of Christmas knick-knacks and other unique items in the home decor aisles.
Shop no more!  Everything you need is right here.
Kidding, but you never know what you might find that would be perfect for someone who has everything or is hard to buy for.
Chapters has throw blankets for $30 - $80 but the huge selection here is much cheaper!
Just wash with vinegar in the fabric softener dispenser and wrap with a pretty ribbon.
Many of the handmade afghans are stunning and in perfect condition.
Find a pretty frame and print a photo for a personalized gift.
There are also candles (new) and many other treasures in the bagged section.
 Vintage cookware or unique kitchen pieces!
 I don't know what this is, but you had me at bacon.  Who doesn't love bacon?!
 One look at Pinterest and you'll have a million mason jar gift ideas!
Sports equipment, toys and kids furniture can all be found thrifted!
 New pajamas are always fun!
 Special brooches, watches and accessories make great gifts!
The 34th Ave VV location has a great selection of belts as well for both men and women.
 I spotted Fossil and Matt&Nat wallets in perfect condition!!
There's something for everyone!  Bags too - thrifted makes it possible to have a nice collection!
Scarves are a perfect gift - they fit everyone!  There's also an impressive selection of ties.
 Oops, I might have accidentally bought myself a pair of Miz Mooz shoes for $7.70 while shopping for gifts!

Other ideas:
  • books - coffee table books, art books, cook books, children's books, fiction, classics - find them all thrifted and in perfect condition!
  • games and puzzles can be found in the toy section and near the books
  • DVDs - I always look for Disney selections since you can't get them on Netflix
  • if you're feeling bold, you can always thrift clothing items!  I would love a new coat or cardigan (fresh out) which are easier to estimate the size than bottoms.
Thrifted prices are already great, but most thrift stores hold promotions during the holiday season - sale days, colour tag sales, and Value Village has a card promotion where you get 30% off with a filled stamp or sticker card (you get stamps for purchases and stickers for donations).  It it so worth it! 

Christmas giving is not about spending the most or giving just for the sake of it.  Christmas giving is about expressing love!  Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Christ who loved everyone!  That's why, for me and my family, doing a Second-Hand Christmas Challenge is no big deal.  We want for nothing, we are so blessed.  It doesn't matter where the gifts came from or how much they cost; what matters is the love between the giver and receiver!  I am finding that "Second-Hand Christmas" is challenging me to think more about the gesture than the gift itself, so I already consider it a success!  I hope you'll watch Erin's CTV Thriftmas story next Thursday, be inspired to thrift some gifts and experience the love of the Christmas season more fully!

Merry Christmas and Happy Thrifting!

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