Friday 13 June 2014

White Week

I've mentioned it before, but I will share again that I am not the sort of style blogger to plan my outfits in advance.  There's nothing wrong with outfit premeditation, in fact I admire that level of organization.  I just usually need to see what my style mood is that day...  Usually, I check the weather when I get up then brush my teeth in my closet, making a game-day decision.  If I need some extra processing time, I floss in there too.  (I can see the headlines now: "Glamorous Style Secrets REVEALED")  This week, it turned out that I wore all my white for the 9 in 6 Style Challenge, and I even went in order...

Wear White Pants
Pants $6.30, black espadrilles $7.70,Cobalt print peplum $4.90 all VV Boutique

White pants are on every "essential wardrobe pieces" list yet many of us are still afraid to wear them.  Why?  I'll give you a hint: it starts with "ch" and ends with "ildren."  They get us messy.  If you're a woman with no children, please wear white pants every day on behalf of the rest of us.  We'll just be hanging out in the corner pretending we are clean.  If this is just me, please go ahead and keep that to yourself. 
In reality, white pants look cleaner than you think, even at the end of the day.  They provide an easy backdrop for just about anything else so they deserve to be on the "essentials" list because they make getting dressed a no-brainer.  As for the top, I loved it as soon as I tried it on but only realized when I took the photos that it makes my boobs look GINORMOUS.  Anyhoo, I could have worn these pants with anything but I guess I wanted to wear my big-boob-blouse.
The top looked best when I stood perfectly still and upright..*very* functional.

Wear a White Skirt
Skirt $5.60, top $4.90, shoes $9.10 all VV Boutique

I love lace details and both pieces have pretty lace...
This skirt is linen but that's no reason not to love it!  It just gives you a good excuse to be wrinkly.
I have a feeling this tee is going to be a summer staple...

My pretty necklace is a vintage piece from my work style sistah Joyce.  Joyce, I can't believe you are willing to share this gorgeous necklace!  It will be in safe keeping until you are ready to have it back!
This sort of necklace makes a good statement necklace on a smaller scale.

 Wear a White Blazer

Blazer $3.85, Joe Fresh skirt $3.50, Roberto Capucci gold leather sandals $4.90 all VV Boutique
Necklace from my closet, She Does Create earrings.

When I was trying to decide what to wear with my "new" white blazer, it was quickly evident that the white blazer too is a legitimate essential.  It looks good with everything - from Vegas to playground... of course, paying thrifted prices makes it easier to take white to the playground!
That's a "guess what I'm wearing under here" flash: Michael Kors - thrifted for $4.  Boo yah.
I would call this a "day to date" outfit...but usually my "dates" are sitting on the couch at the same time.

I love love love these golden shoes.  Don't hate me for descending straight into MMS.
I think the blazer turned my skirt into a "suit."  I can go for that.

My conclusion after a week of white: don't be scared of white.  White is your friend even if you have three (more or less) messy kids like me.  Thrift for your white then you will have no regrets!
Three outfits of white, thrifted head-to-toe!


  1. LOVE the third outfit....if you ever decide that you're going to start a thrift shop with your thrifted items you don't want anymore, please make sure I'm invited ;)

    1. Thanks Sheleena! Erm, I actually did start a thrift shop just last week - check out! For now we are posting treasures that we find, but I'm thinking I might post some pieces that deserve more love than I can give them because I have such an abundant closet!! Stay tuned!


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