Monday 2 June 2014

9 in 6 Style

June is an awesome month!  It is finally truly warm with virtually no chance of snow; school and work are winding up; we have a family birthday and other annual events to look forward to... June is also crazy busy, so I needed some style focus to help me get dressed, wear some of the thrifted pieces waiting in the queue and keep my style-game challenged!  This has absolutely nothing to do with procrastinating writing reports.  SO I compiled a list of 9 looks to try in the 6th month and I encourage you to try them too!
I chose this photo because a huge flock of geese was flying overhead on the weekend, making a giant V.  
I took that as a heavenly sign that I should go shopping ASAP.

If you decide to play along and post a pic on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, tag me @VVBoutiqueStyle and/or use the hashtag #9in6Style.  At the end of June, I will draw for a $20 credit for the brand spanking new avenue for thrifting love - Sister Thrifters!  To be eligible, you must be following Sister Thrifters on Instagram, Twitter and/or Facebook; 1 entry per look!

Today, I tackled the first look on the list: work the "rule of 3" on a hot day...
Dress $4.90, gold sandals $4.90, two-toned metallic buckle belt $2.10, blazer $3.50 all VV Boutique

In case you're not familiar with this important everyday-fashion rule, allow me to explain.  The Rule of 3 basically means that you need at least 3 pieces to your outfit, usually up top since a neutral bottom doesn't count!  But in these days of patterned pants, your bottoms could count as 1 of the 3!  Use your discretion, there are no rules. I was saying...

The Rule of 3 was coined as far as I know by Everyday Mom Style and I think she identified the missing link for most women - we tend to have just two pieces to our outfits aside from a neutral bottom: a top and a cardi, or a top and a scarf, or a top and a necklace.  In these examples, 1 + 1 = mehAdding a third piece or element to your outfit creates layers and interest and STYLE!  This is not so hard to do in the chilly months but summer can be surprising tricky.  That's why it's one of the 9 in 6 style challenges!
Today, I wore:
1. dress with interesting pattern and belt
2. light-weight linen blazer*
3. necklace and earrings
She Does Create necklace, earrings $2.10 VV Boutique

4. bangles
Bangles from my closet except that beaded beauty, perfect for small wrists, just $1.40 from VV Boutique

*because I'm an overachiever I needed something to hold my phone

Okay, maybe I had a lot going on or maybe I had enough so that when my office got hot, I would still have three elements even if I shed the blazer!  Either way, it gave me a good reason to wear this fab thrifted dress and kick off #9in6Style in style!


  1. I love this of my favorites looks for you!

    1. Thanks Amy! I fell in love with this dress as soon as I put it on. I think it is homemade originally which makes me think it is truly one of a kind!

  2. This dress is so cute. I love this look, too! Especially with the gold sandals and gold belt. S would approve. As he likes to say, "Golden is my new favorite colour". :) He has good taste. :)


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