Monday 23 June 2014

Mustard Skater Dress

I had big plans for June.  Big plans to go through my closet and be HARSH.  To ruthlessly edit the seldom-worn pieces and, from the process, identify my absolute favourite piece and wear it for 9 in 6 Style.  So a few nights ago, I started to hang out in my happy place after the kids finally went to bed (summer solstice = enemy of parents), but what ended up happening was less ruthless editor and more indecisive hoarder.  I have several favourites and decided I'm allowed.  So there.  What I was getting at with this particular challenge for #9in6Style is that we women shouldn't "save" our clothes for special occasions.  You woke up to another day?  That's a special occasion.  Every day is special enough NOT to waste on wearing something you don't like or feel good in.

Please ladies, wear your favourites!  Get rid of anything that's not a favourite - in fact, that will be my new closet editing approach!  AND I have a great suggestion of where to take all those pieces you're done with so they can go be someone else's favourites: if you live in Edmonton and area, please consider taking your donations to the Bissell CenterTheir temporary thrift shop was destroyed by fire two days ago and, amazingly, they are ready to accept donations and keep moving forward.  Donating and shopping second-hand is great no matter where you do it, but right now, our local peeps could use some extra support.  Who's with me?!!   

One of my current faves is my highly controversial mustard skater dress.  I had been on the hunt for a skater-style dress for a while and passed many over after two thoughts:
  • if you have to ask if it's a dress, it's not
  • I'm not 39 anymore
So many cute dresses are just so short!!  I'm also fairly tall so I end up looking like a figure skater, which was a derogatory term until I learned that skater dresses are a thing.  So I'm going to ride this train whileI can, and luckily the skater dress I thrifted is MUSTARD so it goes with everything!  It goes with so much, I had a hard time narrowing down my choices...
$8.50 Papillon dress, part of my Mother's Day gift
Necklace $1.50 Hope Missions Bargain Shoppe, earrings She Does Create
Mint belt $2.80 VV Boutique
She Does Create accessory trifecta and Toms from my closet

And these are but 3 of the MANY ways I could have styled this dress!  Upon the recommendation of my four-year-old photographer, I went with look #1...

Luckily (?) my kids got me dirty (as usual) so I can't wear this again tomorrow, otherwise I just may never change!! 


  1. My fav was with the coral. That look is awesomesaucy on you!

  2. I like the mint accents. So fresh and summery! Hope you can follow my blog :)

    1. Thanks! I have now - love to support fellow Edmonton bloggers!

  3. ooh, I liked all three! The coral was a huge pop!

    1. Thanks again Amy! I was surprised how much I liked the coral matchy-matchy look too!


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