Tuesday 17 June 2014

New Style for Old Pieces

PHEW.  I have been busy volunteering, hosting parties, going to parties, working, reporting, solo parenting.  Frankly, it's a miracle I have managed to get dressed at all considering all the busy.  No guarantees for tomorrow but as for today and yesterday, I dug out some of my older pieces and styled 'em up new for the 9 in 6 Style challenge - "Wear an old piece in a new way."

First up, my Gap skirt from a clothing swap about 8 years ago.  I snatched it up because it's a size 6 yet it fit.  We know by now that I am not a size 6 if I hope to get out of my clothes without divine intervention but it's still nice to have a mislabeled piece around to boost the spirits.  Here is how I've worn and photographed this skirt in the past:


On  Monday, I suppose I didn't exactly do anything too wild and crazy with this skirt.  Can I help it that it looks best with mixed patterns and a wide belt?!!
Tribal top $2.50 Hope Missions Bargain Shoppe
necklace gift from my roomie
Don't hate me because my size 6 skirt looks great with all other patterns.

Next up, one of my early VV finds - the one and only $4.20 conversational-print elephant top!  Some previous stylings...




Hard not to notice it's all soooooo neutral.  So today, I reached for a ponte knit cobalt skirt to add some colour!
Skirt $4.20, blazer $7, black pointy flats $7 all VV Boutique
Snakeskin agate pendant and bracelet by She Does Create

This was the perfect outfit for a full-day workshop today on tech stuff: business casual yet creative yet stylish yet comfortable.
A good pencil skirt like this hugs your curves without being restrictive.

Old pieces + new pieces = *totally* different look.  Right?
Are you thinking what I'm thinking???
If I wasn't in my pajamas, I'd try the size 6 skirt with the elephant top.
With a wide belt, obvs.

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