Tuesday 27 May 2014

Sherry on Breakfast TV

I am thrilled to be on Breakfast TV Edmonton this morning as part of BT Bloggers week talking about the everyday-Edmonton-woman fashion scene!  If you're new to VV Boutique Style, you may not know yet how awesome thrifting can be so I'm here to set the record straight along with my polished and stylish friend and model, Sherry Parker, Director of Sales and Marketing for the Chateau Lacombe Hotel.  I got to know Sherry while working with the Chateau managers to achieve affordable corporate style.  Sherry has impeccable taste and I bet you couldn't tell which pieces from her wardrobe are second-hand!
Sherry scored this David Meister dress for $22, worth well over $200 regular retail.
She is wearing head-to-toe thrifted pieces.

After shopping with many members of Sherry's teams over the past several months, I finally had the chance to shop with Sherry last weekend.  Though her work wardrobe is strictly corporate, Sherry attends many events and parties and needs to have pieces ready and waiting!  She was shopping for pieces for before and after business hours.  In just a couple hours of shopping, she found 21 pieces including clothing, shoes and accessories for a cost per item of $6.05!
That pink blazer and shell are also thrifted!
Sherry found a navy blazer in perfect condition, these peep toe leather pumps and another pair of black patent Ralph Lauren pumps.  Classics!
She found two navy skirts - one plain, one pinstriped - that work with the blazer.
and several blouses that will function as her "one" piece in the corporate environment.
 Sherry was built for dresses and suits!  She looked amazing in every last one!  Might have something to do with those marathons she does!  These dresses are all on-trend and give a good variety of options for upcoming events.
This beautiful dress looked good without a belt, but we found this unique shell-buckle belt for $4 less 30% that made her dress go from good to great!  This belt is a great example of the one-of-a-kind pieces you can find second-hand!

All of Sherry's pieces are in great condition, are in-style and were under $7 on average!!  This just confirms AGAIN that smart women shop second hand!

Sherry has been an integral part of the wonderful work happening at the Chateau Lacombe to restore the landmark Edmonton hotel to its former glory.  I'm so happy she could join me on BT Bloggers Week.  It is great timing - this Wednesday evening, Richard Wong, Vice-President and General Manager of the hotel, is bringing together hotel staff and VIPs in an invite-only event to celebrate the "new" Chateau Lacombe!  Sherry, after all your hard work, you deserved some shopping fun and celebratory new pieces!  Thank you so much for collaborating with VV Boutique Style on behalf of the Chateau Lacombe and for being a superb model for BT Bloggers Week!

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